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Released January 17, 2024

You are the Light of the World

Awakening Divine Consciousness Within

We are all the Light of the World! Like lanterns carrying a sacred fire, we hold within us this inner flame that is connected to the Greater Whole. We all have the potential to create the life we dream of, both individually and collectively.

Based on this universal truth, Gabrielle invites you on a unique journey of self-discovery along the Past, Present, Future timelines.   

Thanks to this book, you'll be accompanied on your journey of evolution and healing, as you live through the greatest transition the planet has ever known: the transition to spiritual awakening.

Soon available in English

La Grotte du Sorcier

Le premier roman

The Sorcerer's Cave

"The Sorcerer's Cave" is an initiatory novel that guides the reader through Sandra's inner journey.

Sandra is an anxious young woman with a poor sense of self. As life hurls her into the darkest abyss of her existence, she gradually allows herself to be guided by it, into the labyrinth of a cave that will take her back to past memories and to supreme Knowledge...

Soon available in English

Romans de Gabrielle Isis
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