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The silencing of the Feminine Power

Updated: Apr 8

In this article, I share my reflections on the role of Mary Magdalene, far from sexist clichés, and on the Feminine Power.

We closed our retreat season in style with " Alchemy of the Soul ". It was a wonderful and powerful group experience where we delved into the mysteries and secrets of the alchemist initiates to integrate spiritual alchemy. Many people went through a healing during the retreat. And I was not to be left out! On an excursion during the retreat, we were surprised (or not) to hear some rather sexist comments about Mary Magdalene's role with Yeshua. In particular, that she was one of the privileged ones because she was the cleaner at the Temple. I took advantage of my talk on the mysteries of Rennes-le-Château (and the link with alchemy) to set the record straight on Mary Magdalene's role and who she really was. If she had access to the Temple and to the most precious anointing oils, such as the nard she applied to her beloved's feet on the eve of the crucifixion, it's because she herself was a priestess of Isis, a great initiate, just like Mother Mary. But as I spoke, I began to feel my throat itch and tingle, and I was starting to lose my voice. I felt like there was some kind of force trying to stop me speaking. I've been guiding these retreats for seven years, and every year I talk about Rennes-le-château and Marie-Madeleine, but this was the first time it had happened to me. Then, a few days later, when I got home from the retreat, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my throat. I went to bed and that evening, before going to sleep, I saw a large flash of blue light in my third eye. During the night, the pain intensified. So much so that I felt as if my throat was literally burning like never before. I then dreamt that my tongue was missing, as if it had been cut out. I felt physically that it was anaesthetized by the pain, I could no longer speak, I was reduced to silence. When I woke up, I remembered that many years ago I'd been told that in another life I'd been prevented from speaking out to express certain truths, and that this was going to be my battle horse in this life. It's fair to say that since then I've spoken out to teach and transmit publicly, through my many videos and at these retreats. However, I've always felt that there was something still hindering my speech, like an unconscious fear of being punished. Following this, a great cleansing process took place, and I felt that it was acting on several multidimensional levels at once. This month's theme in our online community The Ark of Light is about reclaiming our multidimensional gifts, and clearly one of my gifts is that of expressing the Truth publicly. I often have dreams where I find myself in front of a huge crowd and I pour out the Truth with such power that I wake up galvanized and filled with divine strength. At the end of this process, I drew a card from the Hebrew Letters and the Final Pe came out as if to crown it all. Pe means "mouth" in Hebrew, and Pe is the creative Word descending into matter. "In the end, Pe symbolizes the power of the Divine Word, the sword of Light that illuminates the world”. I'm still moved as I write these lines, alchemizing the last remnants of these memories. Many human beings have been silenced, but women's voices and their mysterious powers in particular. Mary Magdalene is undoubtedly one of the most evocative figures in this respect. Called a prostitute because she embodied this unveiled feminine power, she is the bearer of immense spiritual knowledge, the closest disciple of Master Yeshua. In my humble position, I'm honored to be able to be the spokesperson for this Truth, and to give back to the Feminine Power, silenced for centuries, its letters of nobility. For Truth always triumphs, splitting the darkest densities with its blade so that Light can penetrate. When it's time, it's time! And we're only at the beginning of this outpouring of Truth revealed in broad daylight... Sat Nam 🙏💖 (Literally "Truth is my name", I didn't choose it by coincidence) Gabrielle Isis Art: Jo Jayson

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