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8-8 The Lion's Gate and August energies.

Updated: Apr 8

Discover the Lion's Gate energies, particularly affecting the heart chakra, with feminine and masculine energies seeking harmony

The Lion's Gate of 8/8/2022 and the Energy of August.

As every year during this Portal, we receive an influx of Light that the Universe generously sends us from the center of the galaxy.

The energy of this Portal has already been felt for several days with a very bright, very fast and very "fiery" energy. The energy will continue to be active until mid-August while also crossing the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 12 which will punctuate this passage by making a Stargate connection (the Galactic).

This wave of energy coming from the Consciousness of the One, from Source, prepares us for the energy to come in the last quarter of this year which will be particularly powerful.

As I said in my last video, aligning ourselves in our hearts is a priority at this time to better navigate these powerful energetic changes that will be the crucible of a New Consciousness for humanity.

The transition to this New Consciousness is accelerating and it is taking place in the heart center.

One can feel the heart area working, tingling, a pressure, an opening of this center can result.

The waves of Light pulsate in the heart and then spread through an energy flux throughout the whole body to continue to cleanse and release the old.

This Portal is therefore affecting us particularly at the level of the heart chakra and the two symbols that I see very present at this time are the Seal of Solomon and the Sacred Pentacle. The first one is part of the symbol of the heart chakra and is related to King Solomon and the Masculine. The Pentacle is the symbol of the Divine Feminine.

These two energies, feminine and masculine, are very present, they turn around each other, they swirl, they are seeking each other in order to harmonize.

And the Masculine comes to meet the Feminine, as if to bring it forward this month.

One of the themes of the energy of this month of August is precisely an adjustment of this Feminine through the reconnection with the Divine Mother (link with the heart). So more than the Lion, it is the Lioness who is in the spotlight this year.

Whether you are male or female, there are themes and wounds related to the Feminine that are in focus this month and until about mid September. It is particularly the Shadow aspect of the Feminine on earth that needs to be cleansed. This can come to us in the connection with our mother or any other important mother or female figure, sisters, female friends... and of course our own feminine aspect.

Let us welcome what is emerging, let us release old patterns related to the Shadow side of the Feminine, let us release wounds and traumas, let us forgive those women who have offended us and who have not acted in the pure benevolence of the Light.

The Divine Mother accompanies us in this process.

On August 15 we will celebrate the Assumption of Mother Mary, one of the earthly avatars of the Divine Mother.

The invitation is to release all these obsolete links that still attach us to the feminine egregores of the old world in order to reconnect with the Great Mother, the feminine aspect of Source in order to birth the New World.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis


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