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Reclaiming esoteric symbols: The Eye of Horus.

I recently posted a photo of myself with this symbol on my dress on social media that raised questions in some people. I was talking about reclaiming esoteric symbols diverted by the Shadow. This is a message that I have received for a long time, so this is an opportunity to talk about this powerful symbol.

It is the eye of Horus or "Udjat", from the mythology of ancient Egypt. It symbolizes the falcon eye of Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis. Horus wanted to avenge his father murdered by Set and during a battle with him, he lost his left eye which was torn into six parts. The god Thoth succeeded in reconstituting it by magic by adding the missing part, conferring to this eye a particular power. Horus then used it to resurrect his father Osiris in the world of the dead.

It is a powerful symbol of protection and healing and was used by the ancient Egyptians as an amulet and in their representations, as well as on the boats of sailors who went to sea. It also represents clairvoyance (third eye) and the gift of seeing into the future.

Moreover, the drawing of the eye of Horus strangely resembles the area of the pineal gland in the brain, there is no coincidence since the pineal gland is the organ that is associated with the third eye and which allows us to develop our psychic gifts, the ancient Egyptians knew it well.

A brain cut with the pineal gland area.

The different parts of the eye design are composed of mathematical fractions, a descending geometry that when added together equals 1, that is, Unity.

This same mastery of mathematics and sacred geometry is also found in the pyramids with the famous golden ratio.

The 6 fractioned parts of the eye of Horus.

The symbol of the single eye represents the omniscient ONE, the pure Consciousness or God.

Other cultures also use this representation, for example the god Shiva is always represented with a third eye on the forehead, as well as his female counterpart Shakti.

Among Buddhists, the Buddha is often called "the Eye of Truth", it represents the eye of the awakened one who has attained the ultimate wisdom and sees everything.

Among the Celts we find the representation of the eye on their currency in connection with the sun.

During the Renaissance, the Church took up the symbol of the Eye of Providence or the Eye of God, representing it in the middle of a triangle that refers to the Holy Trinity.

A Celtic Gallic coin with an eye and the sun.

Supper in Emmaus - Pontormo (1494–1557).

Shiva- Shakti with Ajna chakra or eye of Shiva (third eye chakra).

Today, when we see an eye in the middle of a triangle, it refers us to certain secret societies such as Freemasonry and the all-seeing eye.

Secret societies have through the ages drawn extensively on ancient wisdom, particularly that of Egypt, perpetuating this knowledge and initiations in a secret manner. Thus, taking over the symbolism, magic and ancient rituals.

However, some of these secret societies have diverted these rituals and magical esoteric symbols for an evil use in the service of the God-matter and the ego.

From the 18th century onwards, we see the appearance of Freemason secret societies, the most famous of which, the Illuminati, use this symbol. By the way, Freemasonry is not bad per se, it simply started to be infiltrated by these dark secret societies at that time, but I won't go into that here.

The Eye of Horus becomes the all-seeing eye, not representing the eye of God in the middle of the Holy Trinity, but ta to establish the superiority and power of a minority of individuals over the majority of the common people they observe from the top of the pyramid. The implication is: "We are the chosen ones, the enlightened ones, and we rule your world from the top of our pyramid".

The famous Masonic all-seeing eye on the one-dollar bill.

We can see to what extent the inversion of this esoteric symbol has had an impact on our popular culture, since today, if we are not interested in the origins of these symbols, we will inevitably see a negative connotation that brings up fear and sometimes even rejection.

What must be understood is that these evil secret societies have not invented anything, they are simply taking an existing magical symbolism and inverting it to suit their darker purposes.

This is why it is important today to do research, to go to the origins of these esoteric symbols and understand their deeper truth and meaning. We need to reclaim them in order to give them back their letters of nobility and to restore the positive egregores to re-establish the balance on earth.

Let's keep in mind that everything is neutral at the base and it is us who confer a positive or negative power to things according to the egregores to which we are connecting to.

When I decide to wear a dress with the eye of Horus in a pyramid, I reclaim this symbol by connecting to the initial egregore of the wisdom and powerful magic of Ancient Egypt with which I am very connected. I then feel in alignment and protected to celebrate Samhain, which marks the beginning of the dark season and the Feast of the dead.

I hope this article has inspired you to do your own research and helped you understand more, because knowledge is the key for stepping out of fear and regaining our power.

I will tell you next time about other esoteric symbols that have been diverted that we can reclaim as well.

More in the next episode!

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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