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Gabrielle Isis

Gabrielle Isis

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Êtes-vous prêt(e) à éveiller votre Être Divin (1).png

Un accompagnement en ligne unique !

Inspiré de la trame du livre "Vous êtes la Lumière du Monde"

Démarre le 15 mars

L’Arche de Lumière(1).png

The Ark Of Light

Navigating together towards the New World.

My online community is only available in French for the moment.

Gabrielle Isis - Eveiller votre être divin

About Gabrielle.

I have been of service to others for fifteen years now. First as a hypnotherapist and then as a guide and public spiritual teacher through my Youtube channel which has nearly 4 million views (French channel) and my English Youtube channelwhich includes several thousands of hours of free content.

Thanks to my intuitive and extrasensory perceptions, my calling is to transmit, to awaken consciousness and to touch hearts through my Inner Source, connecting humans to their own.

If I were to describe my mission, it would be:

"Reignite the Power of Love on Earth". This is what I strive to achieve with joy and gentleness.

For this, my soul has chosen to express itself through videos, articles, paintings or books, and it is the joy of sharing and positively impacting others that brings me joy.
Finally, it is the Love of our beautiful planet that drives me to transmit and help anchor the frequencies of the New Earth. 


Looking forward to sharing with you...

Gabrielle Isis

Photos: Sarah Marchipont

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