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Violence as a catalyst for Awakening

Updated: Apr 9

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I was often asked in the past to start making videos on the net, but I didn’t feel like doing it at the time. To say the least I had quite a lot of resistance to filming myself and exposing myself on the net.

A couple of days after the Paris attacks in November, I had a powerful dream where I was told it was time I started making videos on the net in order to help and assist the ongoing Awakening of humanity. I was told that I had gathered enough experiences and knowledge to share it with the world. How exciting!

It is a true honor to serve you and I will do my best to guide you through these intense times.

As writing is important for me I’ve decided to create this blog where I will be posting more detailed articles about the subjects presented in the videos. I will be posting videos in English in the future but for the time being I will be making them in French as there is a huge lack of spiritual and self help videos in the French language.

I will introduce myself briefly: I am a therapist, I work with hypnosis, energy, massage and shamanism. I am also a painter and a writer.

I will not speak of the Paris attacks, we all know it’s difficult to understand how a human being can blow himself up and kill other human beings. And this is true wherever it happens in the world and not only on our streets. But let’s face it, we’re probably on the verge of World War III. Awakening is no longer a luxury or an option, it no longer concerns small New age communities and the like. It is simply necessary for the survival of humankind on this planet. It is time to lift the veil of Illusion or the maya, as Buddhists call it.

And we’re definitely going in that direction, I’m seeing every day people who wake up and start questioning the reality and the system they live in. They are becoming perfectly aware that the system we live in has started to crumble. In the midst of this cluster of darkness and grief, we have the opportunity to choose what we really want for humanity and for our planet. It is when we are confronted to an imminent war that we desire peace, it is when we are confronted to hatred and fear that we desire more love. On a collective level this creates a point of focus that transforms into a very powerful point of attraction that guides us towards the Light. The duality we are experiencing on Earth, between “Good” and “Bad”, Fear and Love, Darkness and Light is in fact a necessary contrast for universal expansion. This contrast and duality is particularly highlighted on our planet.

Consciousness emanates from the Source of all Creation, some call it God but I prefer to call it Source as the word God has been misused again and again. It is the unified field of Consciousness that quantum physics speak of. Quantum physics is a science that was born following Einstein discoveries and it’s been developing rapidly for the last decades. It is the science that will be able to build a bridge between spirituality and science. Again, this is not some woolly theory coming from isolated hippy communities, it is now a fact proved by science. Beyond the apparent multitude and division we experience on the surface, there is a unified field of Consciousness, an ocean of intelligence that is at the base of everything that exists: spirit and matter. Everything that emanates from the Universe is merely a vibration from this ocean of intelligence. On a sub-atomic level, we are all made of the same thing, we are all energy and vibration. It is a non material field and ultimately EVERYTHING in the Universe is that. The direct experience of this Unity has been called across ages and time Enlightenment.

Source holds a vibration of Unity, Unconditional love and Light. Source wants to know itself, but as it is Unity and Unconditional love, in order to know what it is, it must first experience what it is not. And so Source created separation and fear. To know Love we must experience fear, to know “Good” we must experience “Bad”, to know what Light is we must experience Darkness. Through physicality, through us as incarnated beings we are allowing Source to know itself. In the end we are Source, we are God, and so ultimately we are allowing ourselves to know who we are. “Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe” can be read on a Delphic temple in Greece.

On a collective level we are now experiencing times that seem very gloomy but I can assure you there has never been so much positive potential for evolution. The kind of events that happenned in Paris in November are of course deliberately created as vortexes that suck human suffering, pain and fear. This is done in order to maintain humanity in lower vibrations like fear. But as it occurred I really felt deep down inside of me that paradoxically they are also huge portals of Light and Awakening coming through! Earth is ascending, continuously raising its vibration. It is the contrast of this polarization between Light and Dark that allows the expansion of the Universe.

But we must first look inside ourselves instead of trying to find culprits outside of us. We are One, we are One consciousness. This means the Consciousness that runs through me is the same as yours; it is the same you find in trees, rocks, and animals…Only points of perspective change. We are One but look at how we treat other species on this planet! Massive deforestation is occurring; our oceans and seas are becoming open-air garbage dumps; look at the billions of animals that are slaughtered industrially every year just to feed us. We keep feeding a system that gives more value to a green dollar bill opposed to a human life. And let’s look at the video games we buy our children, the films and series we watch that are often ultra-violent! And then we feel puzzled to see a couple of lost young men spraying bullets under our windows! They are us as well, and we are them!

This violence is first and foremost inside of ourselves, so let’s stop being in denial about it. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, I can never repeat this quote from Gandhi enough. In a Universe where all is One, inside and outside is the same thing. What we perceive outside of ourselves is merely a holographic projection of our Consciousness. As long as we are at war with ourselves, as long as there is this conflict and this violence inside of us, we will continue to manifest wars, conflicts and violence outside. The outside is always a perfect mirror of what’s inside. Why do we continue to be so hard on ourselves? Why do we continue to wake up early every morning to go to a job we hate? Why do we accept that our civil rights and liberties are been taking away from us more and more every day? Why do we continue to endure the economical diktat that brings more poverty? Why do we let others decide what is good for us and destroy our dreams? Why do we continue to eat unhealthy, denatured food?

If we want this world to change, let’s start changing ourselves. And we can do that every day little by little by being more loving with ourselves and others. And I’m challenging you today: Do something more loving for yourself and/or for someone else. You could go take a nice bath with some candles, do a peaceful meditation. Go take a walk in nature, reconnect with her. It’s the best therapy ever I swear and it's completely free! Breathe the beautiful prana she is offering us. Or give some money to a homeless on the street; gather some clothes for refugee children; smile to a stranger on the bus; bring some cake to your neighbor (it might be the first time you say hello); say I love you to someone... And I promise you that step by step we will create this New world we REALLY want to live in. I can already see and sense it. A world that reflects more what we truly are, passing through all the veils of Illusion that separates us from it: Love, Light and Unity.

See you soon,

Much love,

Sat Nam.

Gabrielle Isis

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