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How to change the world? - 10 steps to live differently.

Updated: Apr 9

Change the world by transforming yourself. Shift from resistance to creation and take practical steps like financing ethical networks, embracing alternative medicine, investing in self-care, finding your life purpose, stepping out of your comfort zone, helping others, seeking alternative information, reforming education, reconnecting with nature, and embracing your spiritual self. Start making a difference today!

If we want to make a difference in this world and see the world change it starts by changing ourselves first and some of our habits.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people align with the “against” energy. Against war, against the system, against hate, against GMOs. The “against” energy is counterproductive because it is a vibration of resistance and therefore when we focus on what we don’t want by being against it, we give this very thing all our attention and energy which enhances it.

The real solution is to focus positively and start to CREATE new solutions. We have the power to create our lives and make concrete positive personal changes that will impact the collective.

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop”. – Rumi (Sufi mystic and poet).

When I change, the world changes. If we wish to eradicate wars it is best to concentrate on peace (and finding peace within), if we want to get rid of hate it is best to focus on Love (and self-love, learn to love ourselves). If we want to change the world and the system it starts with a couple of steps that will bring long-lasting changes into our lives and into our society. I will put links at the end of the article.

1. Financing alternative economical networks

  • Money is crucial. For now our economy is based on money as an exchange value so before we create other alternatives let’s just deal with it and use it wisely!

  • In a liberal system we can take our power back by using our money in a positive way. We can consciously decide to finance structures and systems that are more respectful of human beings, ecology and animals.

  • It starts with what we eat: Quit buying at supermarkets. Their profit margins are huge and it all goes to big brands and not farm producers who struggle more and more for their survival. Buying at a supermarket is giving our money to a polluting industry that doesn’t respect animals or nature. Food in supermarkets is intoxicated with pesticides, fungicides and insecticides that make us sick. There is no nutritional value in a product full of pesticides as every living organism that brings it nutrients has been exterminated. It just intoxicates our bodies with chemicals that make us sick.

  • Try buying organic foods and find networks of farm producers to buy directly from them (there are a lot of farm producer networks online). Or grow your own food!

  • Reduce or eliminate meat and fish: the meat industry is one of the most polluting industries there is and very voracious in water, resources and land…moreover it is very cruel to our brothers the animals. The rampant consumerism of fish is emptying our oceans and most fish are full of mercury and heavy metals. Therefore food safety agencies recommend we don’t eat more than 2 portions of fish per week.

  • Choosing cooperative and ethical banks to put our money in. Banks that don’t use our money for market speculation and that finance ecological and humanitarian projects. In France there is the Nef and the Crédit coopératif. Depending on where you live in the world you can type “ethical cooperative banks” in a search engine.

  • Quit buying always the latest technological gadget. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, etc. make billions of dollars of profit on child labor in Asia and Africa. Children collect raw material in African mines risking their lives every day.

  • Same thing for clothes. Try buying locally, artisanal manufacture in ecological fabrics. There are a lot of websites connecting buyers and designers today (etsy, etc.)

2. Alternative medicine

  • Big pharma is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Like any industry the goal is to make business and profit. Big pharma business cannot make money with healthy beings, it is therefore in their interest to make people depend chronically on drugs. This is why we have seen so many scandals in the last couple of years. The industry puts out a new drug on the market without testing it beforehand, just to make a lot of money quickly. Two or three years later we find out it had dangerous side effects or even caused death. No big deal, profit was made.

  • For thousands of years humans have used natural remedies to cure themselves through plants and minerals. Go for natural remedies such as herbal medicine, aromatherapy, gemmotherapy, and homeopathy. Make sure they are all organic.

  • Go for alternative medicine that can be sometimes more efficient than modern medicine such as: acupuncture, Chinese medicine, shamanism, healers, massage, hypnotherapy, Reiki, osteopathy, etc.

  • Always prefer doctors and therapists that work from the heart and have a real connection with their patients. The best remedy is love! Human beings need connection and need to be touched (it liberates the oxytocin hormone which is the love hormone). It’s better than to just leave with a drug prescription and it helps us heal more efficiently.

3. Investing on yourself.

  • In today’s society, taking care of ourselves is often seen as selfish. But we are the most important person in our lives! If we want to give to others and be in top form we must give ourselves first. We cannot give to others when our own cup is empty and we have no resources.

  • This means being more kind and loving toward ourselves.

  • Going to therapy to heal our wounds and suffering.

  • Start meditating to find inner peace and stop being a slave to our thoughts.

  • Exercising, honoring our bodies: sports, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, martial arts, dance…honoring our bodies also means feeding it healthy natural food.

  • Learning how to love ourselves, listening to our emotions and embracing them with care (see my article on emotions).

  • Changing our negative beliefs and society conditioning.

4. Finding our passion/ life purpose

  • Finding out what our passion is and acting on it. How do we do that? Simply by asking: “What brings me joy?” And listening to our emotions that will guide us to our joy and our life purpose.

  • If we find ourselves stuck in a day job that makes money but is boring and unfulfilling asking ourselves a direct question: Why continue? If the answer is the belief or fear that quitting would mean lack of money, work on the fear/belief. The joy we feel when we are in alignment with our life purpose automatically opens the gates to infinite abundance because the Universe always supports us 100% with what is right for us.

  • If we feel really lost: taking a sabbatical year, travelling around the world on a bike, riding a donkey or whatever….meeting people, discovering different cultures. I can assure you that when you come back you will know a hell lot more about yourself and why you are here!

5. Getting out of our comfort zones!

  • You don’t get something from nothing. Getting out of our comfort zones is an act of courage but the gifts that await us on the other side of fear are well worth it! When we feel stuck in our lives, a radical change is often the only solution.

  • Leaving everything behind, moving, life starts on the other side of our comfort zone! The path is not always easy and there will be ups and downs and toes and froes, many challenges but it will undeniably lead us to our own expansion, joy and abundance! (and I’ve personally experienced it myself!).

6. Helping others

  • Mutual aid, the gift of self helps build a society where human values and solidarity is the norm. Instead of a system based on individualism which serves the illusion of separation between human beings and nature. One of the main problems in today’s society is isolation. Especially in cities, people end up living in a bubble isolated from others and only connecting with a screen through social media. It is not real life!

  • Building intentional communities, villages based on solidarity. Human nature is naturally based on social bond and community-based. Look at how our ancestors lived! Living alone and isolated like it is often the case in cities is what makes people miserable. Social link is very important for a human being.

  • Helping others with small or big actions: giving money to someone on the street, financing humanitarian projects or animal shelters, giving away to a charity, giving food away, sponsoring a child in need. In a Universe where All is One, helping others is helping ourselves and brings us much joy!

7. Alternative information

  • Traditional media are owned by a handful of corporations and multinationals. Information is therefore sorted out and biased in a way that benefits the corporations. Informing ourselves differently through independent media or online helps us obtain a more objective view on world matters.

  • Critical thinking is required when we receive, read, and hear any information. Looking for information sources, the hidden agendas, image manipulation…

  • Shutting down our TVs. TV is a propaganda tool used to hypnotize the masses. It was designed to spread political and economical propaganda through media and commercial propaganda through ads. Most people don’t know they are under hypnosis while watching TV. If you like certain TV shows you can find them online.

8. A conscious education for our children

- There is a lot to say on this subject and I will definitely write an article about this soon. The traditional schooling system is being questioned more and more. It is mainly based on competition, hierarchy, passive learning and repetition (learning by heart). It doesn’t fit nor respects the spontaneous, creative nature of children. Conforming them to a unique model that doesn’t take each child’s uniqueness into account. This is why there is so much school dropout and rebellion within schools.

- There are alternative schools available that are much more respectful of children’s rhythms and freedom. Children are guided to decide for themselves what they wish to learn based on what interests them (Montessori, Waldorf, Sudbury). These schools are based on cooperation with the child and children among each other, encouraging helping others instead of competition. They allow children to be responsible and balance out mental work with manual work helping the child to develop his creativity.

- It is also possible to do home schooling but in this case make sure the child has group activities outside of the house to socialize him.

9. Reconnecting with nature

  • Man is part of nature, he is not above nor below it. Every kingdom plays an equal part in the circle of life and interacts interdependently. Urban life has cut us off from nature (and therefore a part of ourselves). But nature is primordial to our survival: it feeds us, clothes us, warms us, and allows us to breathe…Moreover nature is healing and a huge part of our well-being. Taking a walk in nature, hugging a tree (tree therapy), smelling the flowers, plants and humus… It is therefore crucial to reconnect with nature in order to be happier and healthier. But this implies to slow down our fast urban pace. In the last couple of years a new movement emerged called the neo-rural movement (which I’m a part of). It's basically city dwellers deciding they’ve had enough of the city and preferring to live a more authentic life surrounded by nature in the country side.

  • Respecting nature means also: sorting out our waste, composting, using ecological and sustainable energies.

10. Reconnecting with our spiritual selves

  • We are spiritual beings having a material human experience. Our personal quest and initiatory path is to go beyond the veil of Illusion of the temporal self and reconnect with our eternal essence. It is the Divine within us that we seek, without the need for religion or dogma. Death does not exist, it is only transition between the spirit realms and dimensions within the Universe. Our quest it to peel back all the layers of illusion as we would do for an onion. Then we can find at our core what we really are: pure consciousness projecting physical reality. When we realize this we see that everything around us co-creates this reality with us and that we are all one consciousness, Source consciousness. We are fundamentally ONE.

Sat Nam

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