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Ascension and the nature of reality. Which side of the scale are you on?

Updated: Apr 9

Discover the profound shifts humanity is undergoing as we transition into a new era of consciousness. Explore the concept of ascension, the collapse of old structures, and the emergence of a heart-centered, unified reality. Learn how individual choices shape collective realities and how to navigate these transformative times with awareness and empowerment.

This is kind of a follow-up to the previous article entitled “One of the biggest lie ever told”. If you haven't had a chance yet to read it you might want to check it out before reading this one.

We are entering a period of great change for humanity. This fall and through the end of the year we are entering a phase of huge shifts that will be ongoing for several years. This change is reflected in the polarization of the extremes: the closer we get to the light, the darkest the shadow becomes. This polarization negative/positive or ying/yang is one of the founding principles of this Universe, opposites that are also complementary.

We live in an unprecedented time in the history of humanity, what is happening right now on earth has never happened before. Humanity is ascending with the earth.

What is Ascension?

For thousands upon thousands of years humanity was in a 3rd dimensional consciousness, the ego consciousness. What we are currently seeing is a massive awakening of consciousnesses across the globe - awakening to their True Divine nature. Even if we might not perceive it directly, there are more and more people waking up and very fast! We will in fact witness the awakening of an entire planet. In the ego consciousness, we have lived under the laws of division and separation. There was separation between human beings; separation between humans and nature; separation between humans and God (through religions that have placed God outside of us); separation between the people and the power. A society based on hierarchy, a pyramidal structure where at the bottom we have the weak and at the top the strong, the dominated and the dominant. This entire structure is about to collapse. We are awakening and our consciousness is ascending with earth to 4th and 5th dimension, which is heart-centered consciousness and Unity.

Discover the profound shifts humanity is undergoing as we transition into a new era of consciousness. Explore the concept of ascension, the collapse of old structures, and the emergence of a heart-centered, unified reality. Learn how individual choices shape collective realities and how to navigate these transformative times with awareness and empowerment.

We are moving away from the Age of Pisces and are about to enter the Age of Aquarius. Pisces is the solitary mystic; it’s the monk meditating alone in a cave to reach enlightenment, it’s isolation. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which represents also illusion and disillusion. Aquarius is the group, the community, the tribe, collaboration, partnership, sharing. The way I feel about this transition is this: we are moving through the last phase of the Age of Pisces – we have gone within to find God, we became aware that we are God and that we are Creation itself (Pisces is the Ocean of Consciousness). And it’s through Aquarius that we will start putting practically into form what we have realized about ourselves, we will come out of our shells. This means we will start creating communities, we will experiment concretely this Unity and interdependence between all things. We will create new systems based on collaboration and mutual aid, new sustainable technologies in symbiosis with nature (Aquarius is future technology). Since we are currently in this preparation phase for the Age of Aquarius: it is time to find our soul families, time to form self-sufficient communities, eco-villages, and so on…

As a side note: many people think living in communities and closer to nature won't work because the Peace&Love movement in 60's and 70's have failed to make it last. But the souls that participated in this movement were only here to anchor that New consciousness on earth, it wasn't meant to work at the time because humanity wasn't ready. They anchored it in order for future generations to pick up on it and start building it in anew.

What is unprecedented is that we used to have example of spiritual masters such as Buddha or Jesus that would come to teach us about our True Divine nature. Other masters, gurus or important spiritual figures embodied this higher consciousness because they were awake or enlightened. But apart from a handful of these teachers, the rest of humanity remained asleep and unconscious. Today we are witnessing the awakening of an entire planet! We don’t need any gurus or masters anymore because we find our connection to the Divine within ourselves. We don’t need any intermediary between the cosmos and us anymore because we became aware we are the entire Universe. So we become our own gurus and masters.

The death of the Old

Nevertheless, in order for this New consciousness to emerge, the Old must die. And that is why our planet has entered a deep cleansing and purging phase. All souls are not ready to make the shift, a lot of souls will leave the planet in the coming years…But we should not judge those who are not boarding the ship, everyone has his own journey. In order to build a new society in accordance with this New consciousness, the Old must fall. This is why we will likely see a lot of chaos around us in the years to come, destruction for reconstruction (chaos leads to creation look at the Big Bang!). There is still a possibility of a 3rd World war, the economy is going to collapse globally at least until the 2020’s (it will be probably worse than the Great depression in the 30’s). It is extremely important to stay grounded and centered during these chaotic times.

There is a trap in which we fall easily when we start to wake up to the lies we have been served for thousands of years, and that is to stay focused on the dark forces that are behind the deception. By doing so, we remain in a vibration of fear and powerlessness that actually serves these same forces. Their goal is to make us believe they have more power than they actually have. But how could they ever have power over the multidimensional, immortal beings that we are? They just can’t, unless we give our power away to them.

The nature of reality

When I came across these teachings several years ago, my entire reality shifted drastically and left me with a sense of freedom, relief and empowerment.

There is an infinity of parallel realities and since there is only one moment in creation, the present moment, these parallel realities coexist simultaneously. This means that what we call past or future lives actually coexist at the same time as this one. That’s how we are actually able to navigate with our consciousness through past lives or future lives through hypnotic regression or shamanic journeying for example. Through our third-dimensional brain we perceive a time that seems linear, but it is only an illusion. Time is relative and we are the ones actually creating time. Time is linked to movement and the best way to understand it is through the analogy with cinema. On a film reel what we see are fixed images, frozen frames. When put together and the film rolls they create the illusion of movement in the film. Our reality works in a similar way, every instant is a single time frame, a parallel reality, and put together they seem to create linear time. In fact we are shifting from parallel reality from parallel reality (represented by these time frames) billions of times per second. We can visualize this as an accordion image gallery where all the images represent a different timeline, a parallel reality. These infinite parallel realities are layered on each other. What determines the reality we are in depends on the vibration we hold. Because these realities are very similar to one another we are not aware that we are changing realities. But this is literally what we do all the time; these shifts are also determined by our choices and free will.

Discover the profound shifts humanity is undergoing as we transition into a new era of consciousness. Explore the concept of ascension, the collapse of old structures, and the emergence of a heart-centered, unified reality. Learn how individual choices shape collective realities and how to navigate these transformative times with awareness and empowerment.

I will give you an example: a young student falls in love with a girl. A couple of months later he is offered a scholarship to go study abroad. The girl cannot go with him; therefore he must face a choice: either he stays and lives this love story fully or he moves to another country to get the scholarship. Let’s say he chooses to leave, leaving his love behind. A couple of years later, he marries with another woman and starts a family.

Well there is a parallel reality with another version of this man, where he chose to stay and marry his first love. This is the case for every single choice we make throughout our lives.

Which side of the scale?

There is an infinity of parallel realities, that we also call timelines where there are different versions of planet earth. Let’s imagine a scale with the two polarities: on one side of the scale there is a version of earth where humanity is destroyed by a nuclear war. On the other side of the scale there is what New Agers call the ‘New Earth’ or ‘The Golden Age’ which is basically paradise on earth. On that earth humans live in communities, no one is left behind, they live closer to nature. There is cooperation, harmony, peace and abundance for all. Let’s not forget abundance is the natural state of the Universe: look what we’ve done to Mother Earth and she still gives to us abundantly and unconditionally! We have been only programmed to believe in scarcity which triggers the survival mechanism, competition and the desire for power (3rd dimensional consciousness).

Between these two extremes on the scale, that exist right here right now, there is an infinity of different realities. In order to determine on which side of the scale we are leaning, we need to be aware of our thoughts, intentions and emotions that determine the vibration we hold and therefore what reality we are in. If we focus on the negative we are heading towards the negative polarity, if we focus on the positive we are heading towards the positive polarity. It is not the world that is changing, but we who shift from parallel reality to parallel reality every second by changing ourselves. It is therefore extremely important, now more than ever to consciously choose on what side of the scale we want to be on, what timeline or reality we want to be in, and to jump on the right band-wagon for us! This is why it is a good idea to stop focusing on what doesn’t work (for example stop watching the news that is always negative) but on what does work and on solutions. Especially in the chaotic times ahead of us! By deciding individually we impact directly the collective consciousness.

This doesn’t mean turning a blind eye on the suffering, the darkness and the fear still present on this planet. It simply means seeing, accepting and integrating the shadow in order to transcend it. And how do we transcend the darkness on this planet? By seeing, accepting and integrating the shadows inside of ourselves. By lending us a loving hand, in order to be able to lend it to others in pain and in need. We don’t need leaders anymore; we are the new leaders because we lead by example. We lead by example because we’re demonstrating how another reality is possible and we invite every being to use his free will to become a master of his own destiny.

These times of great change are at the same time very exciting and anxiety-inducing, but as Buddhists say: “The only constant in life is change”. So this is why change can only be positive since it is only expansion of our consciousness and the Universe towards the infinite.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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