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A proof of the existence of past lives? - My personal story.

We hear a lot about past lives, but do they really exist? The concept of reincarnation has been present in various civilizations for millennia, including our Western society. Nowadays, more and more children remember their past lives, sometimes pointing at precise places and facts they say they have lived.

In 2011-2012, I was following my training to become a certified hypnotherapist. On one of the weekends we did the “Life between lives” process by Dr. Michael Newton. Michael Newton is an American psychiatrist; he used hypnosis on his patients to help them heal. Over the years, he found out that a lot of his patient’s problems found a cause in past lives. At first skeptical, he was astonished to hear the detailed information in the historical scenes described by some of his uneducated patients who knew nothing about History. Over the years he developed an entire process to explore spiritual dimensions under hypnosis.

This process allows the subconscious mind to reconnect with a past life and see the important events throughout that life. One can relive the death of the temporary self and the ascension of the soul in the afterlife. The goal is to navigate consciously through the spiritual dimensions that a soul visits between two incarnations. It is a wonderful experience that often expands one’s awareness about why a soul incarnates, for what purpose and how it serves the Whole. Moreover it allows us to meet our spiritual guides and teachers/masters, soul mates and soul families. This journey can sometimes last up to three or four hours, on a personal level the experience I had was mind blowing! It touched me profoundly. I never thought I could reconnect so intensely with so much detailed information and visuals.

I’ve already had a glimpse of the past life I’m about to share with you during an Ayahuasca ceremony. I saw myself in a fancy convertible car around the 30’s or 40’s, I was a young American man with dark slicked-back hair. On my first hypnosis training we did a past life regression where I reconnected with that same life. I saw myself drive in the same car again; a woman was sitting by my side. As the car was moving the air blowing on our faces was warm and pleasant, and I was in love with her. One second later my whole body jumped off the chair during the session, a car on the right of a crossroad came to crash our car and the woman next to me died instantly. I felt so much pain and guilt and I cried many tears. This would explain why I had such a fear of driving in my current life and didn’t pass my driving license till I was 30 and could heal completely from the trauma. I was convinced I’d cause an accident if I got to drive a car, I thought it was an irrational fear until I found the cause.

During the “Life between lives” session, Céline, my partner during the weekend, guided me through hypnosis and suggested I went back to my previous incarnation just before this one (from a linear time perspective) - I reconnected with that same life again! I saw myself a couple of years later getting married to a pretty woman, somewhere in the late 1940’s. I was a journalist and my career was quite successful. She asked me what my name was - it popped instantly through my mind and I said: Jack Anderson. Forwarding through that life I ended up seeing myself as an old man in an office, wearing heavy black glasses with a plaid shirt and suspenders. I was finishing off one of my books, I was also a writer. There was a lot of sadness and loneliness in that scene, like an unresolved grieving and my finances weren’t going well. Céline asked me then to go to the last day of my life. I saw myself in a large wooden bed in a rather dark room. There was a young woman holding my hand; she was too young to be my daughter so I thought she was probably my grand-daughter. I was asked how old I was and said around 80 years old … Then I saw myself leave the old man’s body; I went up through the roof of the rather large house he was living in. Then leaving the United States and earth, the images I saw were a bit like zooming out in Google maps, and my soul was out in the cosmos - free again. The session continued for a couple of hours as I journeyed higher and higher into the realms of consciousness. Maybe I'll get to have a chance to talk about the rest of the experience another time.

As I got back home that day, I was amazed by the overall experience and all the knowledge my unconscious mind led me to. We often see the unconscious mind as something that lies underneath, something deeply hidden in the dark zones of our consciousness. But it couldn’t be further from the truth, though there is ultimately nothing higher or lower in this Universe, the unconscious mind can be seen as a layer above consciousness that enables us to tap into information that isn’t available to us in normal waking state. It enables us to access the Akashic records, which is like a universal library that contains all the information that has ever existed and will ever exist. It is the library of All that is.

I was particularly curious about Jack that evening, did he really exist? Was this whole past life a projection or something very real? Jack Anderson is such a common name I thought, there was hardly any chance of finding any trace of him. A little voice inside me said: “Give it a try!” So I just typed Jack Anderson into Google… The first result was a Wikipedia page all about him, my heart started to beat faster as I read through the page: Jack Anderson, American investigative journalist and author, born 1922, died 2005 at 83…I couldn’t believe it! I felt shivers down my spine and goose bumps all over my body. Jack was a renowned investigative journalist and Pulizter prize winner; his quest for Truth was almost religious (he was a Mormon). His work included exposing the CIA, the FBI and government conspiracies and corruption. He passionately believed that independent journalism could bring a corrupt regime to its knees. He was very active during the Watergate scandal and in the 70’s the White House (under the Nixon administration) plotted to poison him with LSD. He also broke open the investigation of John Lennon during the fight to deport him.

I decided to investigate further, still puzzled from all this information, I came across a picture of him with his heavy glasses and recognized instantly the old man in the office.

I managed to find an article with a picture of him in his young years, during World War II in China in 1945. I was astonished to recognize yet again the dark haired young man I saw in the convertible car! The feeling was amazing and I felt so grateful for this experience. I found almost nothing about his private life though, and therefore no trace of a car accident or former lover…Though he did get married in the late 1940's.

My father was an American journalist; he was also very active during the Watergate scandal and even got a prize for his work. My first question was: Did he know him? I called my mother to ask if she knew about him, she said she’d never heard of him, but then asked my father. Of course he knew Jack Anderson! Not personally but they did bump into each other in the 70’s. As of for me I had never heard of him neither at home nor as a student. My father was a very private and closed person he rarely spoke to his children about anything, even his work. He did speak more to my mother, the fact she never heard about Jack Anderson shows that he actually never mentioned him to her.

I was born in 1983, Jack died in 2005. So the question is how is it possible to be incarnated in two bodies at the same time? The answer is there is no time, there is no space. Our concept of time and space is solely designed to function through our third-dimensional brains. On a quantum level all time that exists is Now. There is no past, there is no future there is only Now. This suggests that what we call past lives are actually parallel lives, in parallel dimensions. When a soul incarnates it comes in with a certain amount of energy (though there is an infinite amount of energy available) when a person gets to the end of his life and more so when they get sick they don’t need as much energy focused in that experience and so the soul can choose another incarnation, another point of perspective.

Jack Anderson got Parkinson in 1986 and died in 2005. In 2007, as I graduated from Art school, I enrolled in a master’s degree class at University to study journalism. I felt the desire to be an investigative journalist and I wanted to write. I quit a year later after seeing how journalists are trained and how the whole media system works. Journalism is basically about publishing what you are told to publish by the Press Agencies who are owned by a handful of corporations and bank cartels. Thinking for yourself is seen as indecent. It was at that time that I had my first UFO sighting and spiritual awakening which opened me to the possibility there is much more going on in this Universe than we are told. Secrecy and top secret classified information are legion, but we are taught to look away and never question anything. As George Orwell said: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations”. Those who question today are called conspiracy theorists. In a very very near future people who are aware of the deception will be better prepared for the system’s collapse and will therefore assist those who are not.

I wrote this article about 10 months ago not even knowing if I would publish it in the end. I’ve recently been studying stelliums in Astrology, stelliums are a quite rare configuration of four or more planets in the same sign or house, or both. They show a lot about one’s purpose in life as there is a huge amount of energy focused in a particular domain and/or sign. I have a stellium in Scorpio in the 4th house. We often channel that intense energy through the house opposite the stellium which in my case is the 10th. I decided to have a look at Jack Anderson’s chart and I was astonished to see he also had a stellium in 4th house but in the sign of Libra! And his birthpath in numerology is a 7 just like me! This shows how a soul chooses to explore certain themes in the lives they pick and hold certain characteristics that can be found in other lives. I’m not a journalist, but after all I was guided to end up in front of a camera and writing articles and books in this life!

This experience has brought me tangible proof of the existence of past lives. Since then, I have relived many past/parallel lives, as a Native American, in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Sumer, in the kingdom of Siam and South America to name a few... I also saw one of my future incarnations (I'll probably speak about it soon). I guide people through their past lives or through the "Life between lives" session under hypnosis. They always serve as a tool to see the broader, wider perspective and understanding of existence. However they must not be used as forms of escapism for our current lives, most of our issues find their cause in our present life.

They merely allow us to go through the doorway to gain insight and knowledge about a soul’s journey and evolution from incarnation to incarnation. It helps understand more fully what we came to experience here on earth and how the Universe works.

As a little bonus here is a video snippet of Jack Anderson:

And his documentary on the Kennedy assassination:

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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