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An insight into the energies of 2017 (energetic forecast).

Pictures © Gabrielle Blocker

During the year of 2016, the last of a nine year cycle, we were invited to cleanse, purge and get rid of physical, energetic and emotional ailments — it was a year of great healing on many levels. The last two months have been particularly intense; we felt an immense pressure to release all parts of ourselves that do not serve us anymore. Like a baby ready to come out, we were in gestation in the womb and suddenly we felt squeezed in order to come out through the birth canal. This New Year of 2017 is like a new birth, it is marked by the theme of renewal.

It is a year one in numerology so a year of beginning and fresh new start. With the “earthquake effect” election of Donald Trump, we have seen that the collective consciousness has chosen a rapid change. The energies are speeding up more and more during this 2015-2020 time span. These are pivotal years for the entry in this new era. These energies will continue to rise (like the vibration of the planet) and speed up till the energetic peak of 2020. Things are changing so fast right now that it becomes almost impossible to make any serious forecast on the long term. The different parallel timelines change so fast it becomes impossible to bet on any of them. We saw this with the US elections: for many months I felt Trump was going to win. Then by the summer 2016, especially the end of the summer in September, the energy shifted to Hillary. Then by the beginning of October it shifted again in favor of Trump, resulting in a massive worldwide wave of change. Sometimes it seems like the Universe is playing the roulette! Even up there in the spiritual realm, they have given up making any predictions on what is going to happen, because it has become so fluctuating.

I will nevertheless share with you a couple of insights I received for the year 2017.

2017 is going to be a year of radical and rapid changes, a kind of roller-coaster year with many highs and lows. On a collective level, there will be more and more revelations coming out, reflecting humanity’s desire for Truth and awakening. This means the global deception will become more and more visible; the structures that maintained those lies (the illusion) and humanity asleep will melt like snow in the sun. We will see many lifting of the veils of Illusion. Perhaps we might even start to reveal the true origins of humanity, the true History of humanity that has been hidden for millennia. We will continue to receive assistance from our galactic families to dissolve this illusion and anchor more and more the Light on this planet.

Nevertheless, these ongoing changes will not necessarily occur happily and joyfully. There is still a lot of violence and hatred on this planet, Trump is actually a catalyst for that extreme. Seeing the amount of resistance there still is on a collective level regarding those changes, we understand better why change can only happen through an extreme polarity point. There is currently a pre-civil war atmosphere in the USA and if it does occur, certain European countries will most likely follow. The economy collapse is still near and it might rush things. Everything was done by the Shadow to create this political, cultural, religious and civilization opposition. It is now more important than ever to preach Unity and union between all human beings.

It is therefore a year where a lot of masks will fall, on a collective level but also on a personal level. It will become more and more difficult to hide behind the masks the ego uses. This means we will not be able to pretend anymore, pretend to be someone else, to hide or lie to ourselves. We are really invited to be more and more in alignment with our True selves, Higher selves, soul…whatever we want to call it. Therefore, everything that is not truly who we are, will be taken away from us by will or by force. No matter if we consciously want it or not, the Universe is going to put us in positions where all that doesn’t serve our soul and the collective’s highest good will be taken away from us: it may be a job, a place we live in, friendships, partnerships and relationships. There will be many breakups, radical life changes, job changes, moves, etc.

It is important to be in a state of non-attachment and non-resistance to all that will occur. All is perfect, the Universe is here to serve our expansion and that is why it will get rid of all that is not in alignment with our True selves —in order to replace it with something much better and more relevant for us. This might be painful for some people, but we must keep in mind that the more we will hold on to the past, the old paradigm, old thought patterns and belief systems…the more we will suffer. We are really invited to let go this year, clear the slate clean so the old gives place for the new to come in.

At the same time it is a year one, a year of beginnings that can be compared to the first sign of the zodiac Aries, a fire sign. It is therefore through action that our desired changes will be put into place. The gestation period is over and especially by the spring of 2017 (the spring equinox is the real new year) we will be asked to start taking action concretely. We’re done with staying arms crossed in front of a screen watching the world go by and sending some love here and there. It is no longer time to remain in a state of relative passivity. If we want to build this new world while the old is crashing, we need to take action! Do we want to create self-sufficient communities? Do we want to be of service to others and the Whole? Do we want to show that another society, education, economy and work systems are possible? So what are we waiting for to act on all these things? 2017 will give us a kick in the ass to start moving. Now is the time to walk the talk!

During the holidays, we had several days of a freezing fog that wrapped nature with a crystal veil leaving it appearing truly beautiful and magical. I went to take a walk along a straight road in the fields, night was falling and it was starting to become very dark. The fog was so dense that I couldn’t see further than 20 meters in front of me. All around me it looked like a big void. But it was not frightening, on the contrary there was a force and a momentum revealed in that landscape. I thought it was a perfect metaphor for what is going on on the planet right now. Humanity is moving forward in this fog of uncertainty; towards a still unknown destination…All that is left is to continue to focus on what is here in front of us, in the here and now and move forward with faith in our hearts. Whatever happens around us, the chaos invading the planet, we are being asked to remain straight and stay focused on the path. Step by step the path is revealed under our feet and we discover new aspects of ourselves, we welcome the unknown as an invitation to infinite possibilities.

A lot of people are losing it right now or will be losing it this year. The process of waking up is almost always painful. We suddenly realize that almost everything we’ve been taught is a lie. It is not easy for a conditioned ego to integrate all of that at once. We can hold space for those who are awakening…and at the same time start taking action regarding our own lives. Bringing and anchoring into the material realm what we have imagined in our minds and in our hearts for so many years.

We will be invited to find a balance between action and moving forward while remaining centered in our inner peace. We will be invited to practice detachment. Detachment is not a form of denial or coldness, but merely pure consciousness where that inner peace resides. It allows us to be neutral observers of reality in order for us to focus our actions in the right direction. Like this metaphor of the road surrounded by fog, it shows us that it is useless to focus on the outside that is uncertain (the fog), but to find the strength and faith inside (Source) while still moving forward (the expansion of the Universe). It is only when we attain that state that we are truly in alignment with who we are. It is only when we are in alignment that we can channel and anchor the divine Light through all the layers of darkness on this planet. Dissolve the veil of Illusion which is still blocking the sight for the majority of human beings still asleep….but not for long anymore!...

I wish you all a happy and wonderful New Year 2017! May the desire to fulfill our dreams and our life purposes lead us to the co-creation of this new paradigm, this New Earth!

I also take this opportunity to thank all of you who subscribed to my channel or my website and thank you for your kind messages and words that I try to take time to read carefully and answer to!

2016 has been a year of discovery and expansion for me, if someone would’ve told me a little over a year ago that I would be making videos and writing articles on the net, I would’ve simply not believed it! And I am so happy to have overcome my fears and followed this guidance I received within a dream in November 2015 to create this channel and website. I am deeply honored and thrilled to serve you today.

So Happy New YOU!!

See you soon!

Sat Nam

If you wish to republish this article, please do so by copying the text and images in their entirety and citing the source.

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