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Reconnecting with our ancestors to heal the family lineage and karma.

Updated: Apr 9

Dive into the profound exploration of family patterns and ancestral healing in the midst of a paradigm shift. Discover how epigenetics, spirituality, and rituals intersect to heal the family trauma and awaken ancestral wisdom. Join us on a transformative journey of reconnecting with our roots to pave the way for a brighter future.

We are living a time of big shift in the history of the planet, a paradigm shift. This means all family patterns are being challenged in order to be transmuted. Family patterns are passed on from generation to generation through the mother line on one side, and the father on the other.

When a baby is born it is not born all pure. During the gestation period it has already received a transmission of emotions and beliefs from the mother, and the way she perceives and reacts to her environment. The father has an influence by his presence and his voice. When a baby is born it is already “programmed” with certain behaviors and thought patterns that will influence it during his childhood and adult life.

On a soul level, and despite a wide-spread saying, we do choose our parents and family line in which we want to incarnate. We choose specific genes that will allow us to explore the themes our soul has chosen in order to learn, evolve and grow. For example if we want to explore creativity it is likely we choose a family of artists. Most of the time we will also choose challenges which are great catalysts for expansion and evolution. We might want to experience powerlessness, in that case we might choose a family where the father is an alcoholic and beats his children and wife for example.

I'm not usually someone who likes to talk about my private life publicly but I understand that everything I'm offered to experience resonates with the collective. So in this article I will speak about what happened to me last October and tell a little bit of my family's history.

Last October I experienced a deep sadness and grief for a couple of days. It is a feeling I know well since I took my father and my mother’s pain during childhood. But this grief and sadness comes from my father who struggled with severe manic-depression and bipolar disorder all his life. The month of October (ironically my birthday month) was often the period when he would sink into depression and stay locked in a dark room for weeks, sometimes months. This time my entire body was affected, I felt a pressure on top of my head that crushed me to the ground and my heart felt very heavy as if an anchor was attached to it and was pulling it down. I could hear my guides say to me: “Stop holding on to that pain, it doesn’t belong to you!” I progressively felt the presence of my ancestors on my father’s side. I had flashes of massacres, blood, fire…and lots of terror and pain…I felt strongly the presence of my great grandmother, whom I got my middle name from. The next day I checked my mailbox and saw a mail from my stepsister, forwarding me a discussion with our cousin about our ancestors… there was one picture in the mail – a picture of exactly that great grandmother! What an amazing synchronicity!

The mail synthesized briefly my family’s history and confirmed the information I had received:

My father’s line is from Ukrainian Jewish descent, they immigrated in the early 20th century to New York. They fled persecutions in their country of origin. I felt their pain to have lived all these horrors but also their feeling of uprooting, as if they were forced to leave their land to escape the pogroms that were going on in Ukraine at that time. When they arrived at Ellis Island, their name was Americanized and became Blocker (originally it was something like Blitzker). Ironically Blocker is a predestined name because I chose a family completely blocked emotionally! Family names give us clues on the life themes we have chosen, there are no accidents!

I then had the desire to write a letter to my ancestors. I wrote all I had on mind and in my heart, I told them I had compassion for them and that this letter was to help them free themselves of their pain, to free myself and the entire family line’s pain. In doing so I hoped that the pain wouldn’t be passed on to our descendants anymore. While writing the letter I could still feel my great grandmother’s presence very strongly, I understood she hadn’t ascended to the light but was stuck on the earth plane with her pain (which happens quite often). I then made a little ritual to make her ascend and found out her husband was still stuck too. I sent both of them back to the light. Then I burned the letter and gathered the ashes. On the next morning at dawn, I went to throw the ashes in a little stream asking the water to help us purify the family karma. I felt an instant relief.

Today the science of epigenetics allows us to understand how these patterns are passed on from generation to generation. The researcher in neuroscience Rachel Yehuda has studied cases of descendants of Holocaust survivors. This study showed how post-traumatic stress affects the genes and is passed on to the offspring. Therefore descendants of Holocaust survivors present the same PTSD symptoms as their parents, grandparents and ancestors.

This is of course is the case for any type of PTSD – may it be war, genocide, persecution, incest, torture or any form of abuse (physical, psychological and emotional). A lot of different cultures across the world have inherited such traumas.

In our Western societies we have lost the connection with our ancestors, as we have lost the spiritual connection and any form of ritual regarding death and the afterlife. We don’t honor our elders anymore and put them into “homes” waiting for them to die. When we travel around the world, we realize how family and ancestors have remained important in many traditions. In some Asian cultures sometimes an entire room is dedicated to the worship of ancestors – they are therefore an integral part of the house. We observe the same thing in indigenous societies of South America, Africa, Australia and among Native Americans. In some Native American tribes they sometimes speak of their ancestors materializing physically in front of their descendants. Honoring the ancestors has remained a spiritual foundation for all these cultures.

There are many different methods to work on the family lineage. The first one is of course genealogy; there are many websites out there today where it is possible to find one’s family tree. We might also want to go see a professional genealogist.

Another well-known technique is Family constellations. Family constellations were created by a German priest named Bert Hellinger, who became a psychotherapist. He has lived 16 years among the Zulus in South Africa. While observing their connection with ancestors and the family line; he got the inspiration for his therapeutic work. Family constellations (or “to set the family in the space”) work like a role-playing game where the participants are guided to play out and channel the character of a family member. Each participant channels unconscious family blockages and brings them to the awareness of the group. A lot of healing can occur during these sessions.

We might also want to do hypnotherapy and regression therapy to unravel subconscious patterns. It is not rare that a family member or ancestor appears during the work.

We can also connect consciously to our ancestors, simply by calling them in to ask questions or ask for their assistance to help us to do the healing work. But it is often a question of divine timing, when it is time they simply make themselves known to us. In this case, we might also want to write them a letter as I did. Be as honest and open-hearted as possible. It is an efficient way of freeing the family karma. It is recommended to burn the letter, gather the ashes and throw them in natural water stream (not in the sink or toilet). It’s better to do this at dawn to symbolize a new day and a new beginning.

When we are confronted to emotions coming from our ancestors we can also practice the ho’oponopono, there a texts that specifically address the ancestors.

Another beneficial technique is to work on cellular memory. Cells carry memories and information linked to the family and the ancestors.

Shamanic work is of course always related to spirits and ancestors.

As far as I’m concerned I still have the mother line karma to heal. My maternal grandfather was also Jewish and in the French Resistance – he got deported during WWII. I do not force things and just let them come to me when it will be time I know it will present itself.

Nevertheless, I feel it is a period where a lot of us are called to free the family karma, to reestablish a connection with our ancestors and our roots. There is an African proverb that says: “If you don’t know where you’re going, look from where you came from.” In these times of great change and uncertainty looking back to our past history and our family’s history can give us clues on where we are heading. We can ask assistance from our spiritual guides, actually among them there are often ancestors from this life or past lives. And let’s not forget that to work on the inside always has an impact on the outside and particularly on the people who are the closest and on our family.

Reconnecting with our roots helps us to understand better who we are, what we came here for. It helps us cope with a burdened past that we might have inherited from generation after generation. We are a generation who will contribute to cleanse, purge and close the door to centuries and millennia of human suffering and negative patterns. We will break these patterns and these codes; break free from the past that is obsolete so we can look to a future where our children will not inherit this karma. Therefore our children will be able to take the reins, alleviated from the burden, so they can continue to anchor this New Consciousness on the planet. Our ancestors will not be the source of our problems anymore, they will become our spiritual allies and offer us protection and love while watching over us from the Great Beyond.

Sat Nam

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