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Spirituality and politics: From Shadow to Light - The end of the E.U, Frexit (Asselineau), journalis

Updated: Apr 9

Explore the intricate relationship between spirituality and politics, challenging the notion of bypassing challenging topics in favor of positivity. Uncover the hidden truths behind political systems and media manipulation, navigating the complexities of global governance with courage and compassion. Join us on a journey of awakening and empowerment.

I usually write about spirituality or self-help techniques but I've been guided to talk about politics and what's going on right now.

I’m doing this for two reasons:

1. There is a lot of confusion in people’s heads right now, a lot of people are in transition and have one foot still in the matrix and the other out and feel a bit lost.

2. I’ve noticed something in the spiritual community. In the name of positive thinking, in the name of the Light and Love we should look away from the Shadow and bypass all these subjects. But this is a big mistake – yes we should not dwell on negative things because what we feed our attention with grows, no doubt about that. But to simply avoid speaking about these subjects is to be in a state of denial. Everything is interconnected, there is nothing that is not spiritual. As long as there is darkness on this planet, it does not serve us or the Light to look away. If we wish to transcend the Shadow we must look at it in the eye, because it is also part of ourselves. This is why I will speak about all of this in this article.

Explore the intricate relationship between spirituality and politics, challenging the notion of bypassing challenging topics in favor of positivity. Uncover the hidden truths behind political systems and media manipulation, navigating the complexities of global governance with courage and compassion. Join us on a journey of awakening and empowerment.

There is an invisible war going on. This war has been going on for centuries and millennia. It’s the eternal battle between the Light and the Shadow.

Our planet has sunk deep into the darkness for the last ten thousand years. Today the Light is being revealed, this is why we speak of our time as the time of Apocalypse. Apocalypse in Greek means revelation.

We have entered a time of great revelation, where the shadow is being unmasked. The Shadow has taken control over this planet for centuries and it knows that its time is up. People are awakening on massive scales, and the Shadow is putting its last cards on the table to try to maintain humanity in a state of ignorance and servility.

There are different strategies to keep the masses asleep: politics, media, the entertainment industry, education, and consumerism. What strikes the most today is the total vacuity of ideas on a cultural or political level.

Politicians are puppets who play the circus of politics without any vision or integrity. Culture has become a creative vacuum, we only recycle old stuff, mainstream artists are formatted like supermarket products, TV becomes trashier and trashier. We have created reality TV to dumb down our youth, at the same time we are cutting all budgets linked to education. The masses are always more controllable when they watch trash on TV and idiots becoming super stars, than if they were taught to think and question in school. We are indeed witnessing the end of our civilization.

But things are changing, we are in the middle of a big transition phase. The first thing I would like to talk about is the end of the European Union.

My father is American and he was a journalist. In the last years of his career he was working for the American government, for a radio called Radio Free Europe which emitted in Eastern Europe countries. He has covered the European parliament summits during the 90’s. When I was a kid I remember him bringing back caps, crayons or cards with the European flag on them. I was therefore raised all my life with in a very pro-European and pro-American atmosphere. Back then we believed that the European construction was based on peace, cooperation and partnership between countries.

Then I had my spiritual awakening…

We know today that the European construction was initiated by the CIA (the documents have been declassified they can be consulted). In the aftermath of the Second World War, CIA agents Schumann and Monnet, initiated and pushed the first European countries to unite. Under the guise of creating a continent of cooperation and peace, Americans wanted to take advantage of a ruined continent to extend their economic market at first, then their political influence and create a block of countries against the USSR. I would also like to remind people that the Nazis were funded partly by American Wall Street banks and the Bush family. The goal was to build Europe on the American model, create a United States of Europe. But all of this to the condition that Europe remains weaker politically and economically because the United States of America have an imperialistic vision of the world. That is why the European Union does not work, has never worked and will never work.

The very foundations of the E.U are totally rotten and corrupt: today there are unelected technocrats from the world's major banks or multinationals who pull the strings and decide of the destiny of 28 European countries. The European treaties were forced on to the people: France and the Netherlands voted NO at the referendum on the Constitution in 2005. But the Europeanists washed their hands over the referendum and a couple of years later all member countries signed the Treaty of Lisbon. The impoverishment of Europe is directly due to the liberal socio-economic policies dictated and applied by the European Commission, notably through austerity policies, the dismantling of family farming for industrial agriculture, the free movement of capital which leads to relocations and unemployment, etc.

This is why the people have lost interest in politics completely, because whether they vote right or left, the elected politicians are only pawns who apply the political, economical and social agenda decided by the European Commission. We are simply in an anti-democratic system that looks more like a dictatorship. The centralization of power and moving the power away from the people to a supranational entity is the most dangerous there is. Then they make us believe that we can change Europe. Or that we can renegotiate the treaties, but it’s simply not true. To renegotiate just one line in the treaties there needs to be a unanimous agreement of the 28 member countries which all have different interests. Then they make us believe that Europe is peace but that is also not true. Europe is the civilian aspect of the NATO military entity (which is under US control) and that leads countries to pursue illegal and neo-colonist wars in the Middle East, leaving only blood and chaos in these countries where terrorism becomes rampant. The USA have become a permanent war machine, nothing is more profitable than war. It also allows taking control of energy resources such as oil and gas.

Nowadays the E.U is a sinking ship. Lots of economy experts such as Nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz say the crash of the euro is imminent, this will accelerate its fall. But the mass media which are owned by the same corporate and financial interests behind the E.U continue to bombard us with their apocalyptic propaganda regarding the exit of the E.U. We saw that with the Brexit last year. As soon as we get out of their indoctrination, they wave the flag of fascism and racism or conspiracy theory. I’m going to be very clear on one thing: the system will not be changed from within, the system will collapse and something else, a new paradigm will emerge. To think that the European Union can be changed is like thinking that in a monarchy, the monarch himself will cut his head off to restore power to his people. The E.U was created and is run by people who serve financial and corporate interests. It was never created to serve the people. Period.

I will also recall that the term Conspiracy theory was invented after the assassination of President Kennedy to silence the truth about his murder. Since then it is regularly used very intelligently by the system to: 1. Close all debates on disturbing issues. 2. Ridicule and ostracize all people who question or challenge the system. It’s the black sheep policy – it leads masses to stigmatize their own fellow citizens if they don’t follow the system’s propaganda. Even George Orwell hasn’t thought of this genius idea!

Another tactic for mass manipulation is to use emotion. I’m someone who teaches people to reconnect and allow their emotions to run through them. But when emotion is used as a way to manipulate the masses, it’s a catastrophe! When we are in emotion there is no more discernment and no critical thinking, it is therefore possible to pass anything on to the people.

The European countries must take back their sovereignty and their democracy and have the right and the freedom to decide of their own future. The tactic they use is to shame people when they don’t respond to the propaganda, creating two sides among the population – divide and rule. The rise of extremisms and racism in Europe is a direct consequence of the European policies for the last decades, notably the rise of unemployment and impoverishment. Everything was done to create division, fear, a climate of hate and a civilization war. The rise of extremist parties serves the system because it can then point at the “big bad wolf” that must be fought, so all the attention is focused on that while all political questions of substance are overshadowed.

The case of the Front National in France is very telling. It’s a pure product of the system that enables to maintain the status quo in French politics since the 80’s. It’s an openly extremist and racist party, but the media have been unfolding the red carpet for them for the last 30 years. It is now officially known that the Front National was funded by the Moon cult and by the Bush family in the 80’s.

France is electing a new president in a month. I have discovered François Asselineau a couple of years ago on the net. He has created his party 10 years ago but was blacklisted and censored in the mainstream media. I will say a word about him, I’m not here to tell people for who they should vote for, every citizen decides consciously. I will merely expose my own opinion. When I discovered his very long lectures and analysis on youtube I instantly felt he was someone in the Light and in his heart. Not only is he a well of science, offering precise and relevant analysis that are very well sourced, but he is deeply human and sensitive. He has very rare qualities in politics – integrity and wisdom. He does not serve his ego like all others, he serves the collective of his country, and that authenticity transpires. This is why he is the man to knock out during this presidential campaign. He understood very well how the system and the oligarchy pull the strings and that’s why he wants a Frexit. He wants to get France out of this “people’s prison”, out of the euro and out of NATO. Among his other propositions: renationalize all big public services (as it is a French tradition), public social security for all and writing it down in the Constitution, go back to an organic GMO-free family farming, a referendum on nuclear energy, promote alternative medicine and therapies to counter Big Pharma, reopen France’s cooperation and relationships with countries internationally…

As I knew I would be speaking about him, I attended his meeting where I saw over a thousand people, manifesting a striking enthusiasm. He is neither left or right and gathers many people from different backgrounds and origins. Mostly people from the left or far left and a lot of young people. This proves his ideas are the future and not old-fashioned.

The key as an observer is to find a good balance between intuition and discernment, between the right and the left brain.

Asselineau is being attacked right now by journalists, who claim he is conspiracy theorist and they attack him on his looks. They have no arguments to attack his analysis, while Macron who comes from the Rothschild bank is pictured as the Messiah. This is what journalism has become… I would like to say a word about journalism nowadays (those of you who ready my article on Past lives will understand why it’s dear to my heart). Journalists attack Asselineau saying he is a conspiracy theorist because he has shown how the CIA is behind the European construction and how the CIA funded the Dalai Lama (among other things). But this is declassified information that has been taken up by various newspapers such as Libération and the Daily Telegraph. Journalists are not even able to apply the fundamentals of journalism that is fact-checking!!

I did a master’s degree in Journalism 10 years ago. I have seen how journalists are trained, thinking for yourself or critical thinking is banned. I was so dismayed by what I saw, that I finished my year but put an end to my degree. All information comes from the press agencies, they are all owned by a handful of corporations and banking cartels. They serve that information to journalists saying: “This is the Truth. Now spread this information. Do not question it!”. This is why we find the same paraphrased information in all of the mainstream media. The truth is journalists are brainwashed and indoctrinated to think in a certain way and it stops them from thinking for themselves. Nowadays it’s the whistleblowers such as Julian Assange or Snowden that do the job journalists should be doing, and they are treated like criminals. I know there are exceptions and some journalists still try to do their job with honesty and integrity. A journalist is a watchdog of democracy, not the lapdog of billionaires who have the media, economic and political control over our society.

Explore the intricate relationship between spirituality and politics, challenging the notion of bypassing challenging topics in favor of positivity. Uncover the hidden truths behind political systems and media manipulation, navigating the complexities of global governance with courage and compassion. Join us on a journey of awakening and empowerment.

I have not been politicized for many many years, but this year for the first time of my life I will vote with a real conviction.

I would like to come back to this invisible war between the Light and the Shadow. For millennia there has been an occult power in place – a very dark one. I’m not going to go into details here, but thousands of years ago, certain entities have decided to separate from Source (even though it is not possible for we are all One). They wanted to separate from Source, from the Light to experience the Shadow. Symbolically it’s Lucifer, the fallen angel that separates from Unity and falls into darkness. By experiencing separation from Source, these individuals thought they could become gods themselves. To become gods on this planet, they had to take power, this is how the realm of the ego was born. The ego sees itself separated from Source and from others. These entities have taken over a universal and esoteric knowledge by deviating it from the Light. A lot of this occult knowledge comes from the ancient mystery schools of Ancient Egypt. They used this knowledge to pursue a dark agenda for their own interests. Not many people know that this occult aspect still prevails and is actually the foundation of the Shadow’s power on this planet.

Behind governments there are shadow governments who continue to use these codes and deviated occult knowledge to gain more and more power and control on this planet – through the use of Black magic for example. All this knowledge is not only hidden from the public but people who speak of it are ridiculed. If the public knew what is truly happening behind the scenes there would be a revolution and public lynching tomorrow on the streets. The Pizzagate for example, is only the tip of the iceberg of a gigantic satanic pedophile network in the high spheres of power. Children are raped, tortured and sacrificed in the name of dark non-human forces. About ten years ago, the French public TV channel France 3 has made a report about these circles and how they are protected by justice and politics. It was aired once and then was completely censured and forgotten, we can still find on the net today.

When we speak about Satanism, we don’t speak about people who worship Satan or Lucifer or the Lord of Darkness. What is the true motto of Satanism? “No God but thyself” or “No God, no Master” that we find in certain Masonic lodges. In other words, a Satanist wants to challenge God and become a God himself, without understanding that he is in fact indivisible from God or Source. But the people who are in the Shadow are usually people who’ve suffered some trauma that lead them to cut themselves out from their light, their divinity and from their emotions. These are beings that do not feel any emotion, they are not capable of any empathy or compassion and are therefore capable of performing vile and cruel acts on innocent beings such as children.

They then use media, TV and the entertainment industry to pervert youth to hyper-sexualization and violence. They often use subliminal messages, sometimes it’s more direct. To mention just one example, there is the video where Miley Cyrus is dressed as a baby and takes open sexual and suggestive poses while she sings “Fuck me”. It’s an open promotion for child abuse. This is probably one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen. Millions of kids follow her music...

The ego is never satisfied with what it has, it sees itself always in competition with others and wants always more. This is why our planet has been hijacked by psychopaths who want always more profit, money and power while destroying our home, Mother-Earth. They want to become gods on earth and aim for a total power and control over this planet.

Why am I speaking about all of this? Because the end of this secret occult power is near, the Light grows on this planet. Soon many of these secrets will be revealed; it is already underway. As John Lennon said: “We are all the devil inside and we are all Christ inside”. We have the opportunity to integrate these two sides of Shadow and Light and choose the part we wish to serve. The human being has something extraordinary in himself called free will. A human being may have been a sheep asleep following the herd all his life, and suddenly one day a spark of light gushes into his consciousness and he frees himself from his mental prison, he frees himself from the Matrix.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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