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Being in alignment and adjusting our perception of reality.

Updated: Apr 9

Discover the delicate balance between engaging with the world's chaos and maintaining inner peace as a lightworker. Explore how to navigate between reality and media portrayal, embracing contrast while staying grounded. Learn to integrate negative aspects with compassion and send love as you align with your source through a powerful breathwork exercise.

Our role as lightworkers is to anchor the Light on this planet, but it is not always easy to stay in alignment and be of service when there is so much drama going on in the world in these times of chaos and instability.

Actually, it's all about finding a balance between being involved with what's going on with the world, and stay in our inner reality, our inner peace. It’s the Middle way, which is probably one of the most important spiritual teachings from the Buddha. But we came here on earth to experience duality and contrast, the Light and the Dark, the Yin and the Yang. When we go towards one extreme, when we watch TV, social media, read the papers we are pulled back into the drama. When we focus solely on our inner peace and inner world we isolate ourselves from the rest of the world.

When we focus too much on the negative and on the Shadow our reality becomes imbued with the Shadow. But when we close ourselves off and live on a mountain like a hermit, looking away from what is happening in the world, we are in a state of denial.

When we focus too much on TV, social media news feeds we are dragged into one sort of reality, the reality that is shown to us on TV or on the internet. They have their own bubble realities and they are virtual ones and are often biased. When we look around us we have a more real tangible reality in the here and now. We are present in our own reality and not a reality that is being served to us, or even sometimes imposed on us.

We ca make an analogy with photography: when there is only Light and the picture is over-exposed, we can't see anything. When there is only Shadow and it's under-exposed, we can't see anything either. What enables us to see the picture is the contrast between the light and the dark. This is very much what we see on earth, in order to see the bigger picture we must have this contrast between Light and Shadow.

There's a thin line between these two sorts of realities (our own reality and the one we are being shown through the media for example). We often shift from one to the other and the trick is to find a balance between the two. We must also be aware that life is a play, we are playing out a character. We must not take life so seriously and laughter is definitely a great way to transmute negative things. We will all die one day, and even death is not really death because we transition to another form.

So by being aware of that, we can watch the world with compassion for those who suffer and laugh about some of the drama that is going on, especially about politics. Politics are like the theater play within the play. Sometimes we are also sucked back into that reality, because many of us are empaths and feel the collective energies and emotions especially on important days like Election Day or important events such as terrorist attacks.

On the other hand, some of us have a hard time to even look at the negative things happening in the world. It is true we must not dwell on these things and give them too much importance. But we mustn't deny them either. The resistance we feel towards fear-based subjects or events, might make us think we must elevate ourselves from those things or move beyond them. But it is often a coping mechanism or an avoidance strategy. This resistance towards "negative" subjects is very present within the spiritual or New Age communities. It's like talking about sex in a religious family, it's taboo, it's bad! But resistance is fear and when we fear to feed the fear by looking at it or to remain stuck in fear, we are actually in fear!

The attitude we can adopt is to embrace the negative and integrate it and then send love and a blessing. Because when we are in a state of resistance towards the negative, not wanting to look at it and just sending love, we actually emit two opposite energies: fear and love. It doesn't work that way. This does not mean we must force ourselves to watch violent and cruel images, this simply means to welcome it into our heart: ”Ok this is here, this exists and I am here to help to transmute that.” And then we can send love and a blessing.

As lightworkers we are sometimes annoyed by people who don't want to wake up, people who continue to believe what they have been told to believe all their life. The awakening process is not an easy process and it is certainly a process that requires humility. The ego must be able to admit he has been manipulated, lied to and deceived. This is why even intelligent and cultured people might be still resistant to admit that to themselves. The ego is so identified with what it believes to be true, the beliefs he has been fed since early childhood, that challenging them is seen as a death.

As lightworkers we can sometimes feel a superiority complex because we feel we are 10, 20 or 30 years ahead the majority of the people on this planet. But we are not superior or inferior to anything or anyone, there is no such thing in the Universe. We are all ONE and equal. We are just seeds of Light in the field of consciousness in the earth plane reality . Every soul has his own path of expansion and evolution and we must respect our differences.

I will share with you a little exercise that can be used to align ourselves with our source again when we feel out of alignment or pulled back into the drama of the realities around us.

The doorway to Spirit is breath. Spirituality comes from the latin word spiritus which means breath. It is through breath that we take in the life force energy, the prana, the chi. It is through breath we align ourselves with Spirit and with our Source.

So on a deep inhale imagine taking in all the peace and all the love from Source (we can visualize it as a channel of light coming in from our crown chakra or from the heart). On the exhale we breathe out all the stress, the fear, the anger, the sadness and give it back for transmutation to the Universe...When we feel we have released enough, we take that same deep inhale with love and peace, this time on the exhale we blow it out all into our auric and magnetic field. When we feel that is enough (we feel it big and bright) we breathe it all out to our home, then we expand it to our city, our region, our country, our continent and finally the entire planet.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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