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Activation of Christ Consciousness - Yeshua is back.

Updated: Apr 9

Explore the concept of Christ Consciousness beyond traditional religious frameworks with Gabrielle Isis. Discover the essence of enlightenment embodied by figures like Yeshua and delve into personal experiences of spiritual awakening and healing. Join in the journey of self-realization and the resurgence of divine light within every individual.

Painting: Akiane Kramarik.

If you are unfamiliar with what Christ Consciousness is, first get rid of any preconceived ideas transmitted by Christianity and the Church. Indeed, there is no connection between Christ Consciousness, what a fully realized Christ is and the horrors that have been perpetrated by Christianity and the Church for more than 2000 years. In fact the Bible was not written by the hand of Yeshua or the hand of God, it was written by men many decades after the Crucifixion. It recounts only a partial truth, the patriarchy has deliberately evicted all that didn’t serve its control, notably the role of women in Yeshua’s life. And no there were no prostitutes among them. At the time, the patriarchy would call any woman who worshiped the Goddess (a very ancient practice) - a prostitute.

The Christ state is the highest state of enlightenment and mastery there is. The highest state of self-realization, the embodiment of Source’s purest Essence, pure Divinity in form while maintaining a physical body. Gautama in his time became Buddha, he experienced the Christ/Buddha state. More recently, the man who reached this state 2000 years ago was called Yeshua. That is why Yeshua said: "I am the Light of the World," because that is what he truly embodied.

I grew up in a perfectly atheistic Jewish family (my parents did not believe in God), but since I was a little girl I felt connected and attracted by the Virgin Mary, in whom I found security and comfort, and indirectly to her son Yeshua. At school I had a few practicing Catholic friends and sometimes I envied them to go to church because I felt good in churches. I watched with admiration the representations of the Virgin Mary, the Divine Mother and her compassionate look upon me. Somehow she offered me security and protection that I could not find at home.

Three years ago, I was guided by my soul to settle in a region of the South of France that sheltered the Holy Family after the crucifixion and the exile of Palestine. Mary Magdalene and the Holy Family, and occasionally, Yeshua settled near Mount Bugarach for several years. At the time I arrived, I had no idea that this land carried the memory of their passage. It was only gradually that this knowledge was revealed to me. As I was growing up into becoming a woman, after Mary, Mary Magdalene called me.

A few months ago I bought the book "Anna, grandmother of Jesus", the channeled narrative of the life of Yeshua's grandmother, a great initiate. This book was next to my bed for almost a year, as if there was something that prevented me from opening it. On the day of the full moon eclipse, on August 7, I heard someone talking about this book again and something inside me said: "It's time to open it."

So that’s what I did and I read for 5 hours in a row. As I read, I felt the energy vibrate in my entire body straight into the heart of my cells, sometimes tears would run down my cheeks. Other times I felt an intense and rather pleasant bubbling inside me that was building up. I read until I felt it was time to integrate all of that energy running through me, so I did a meditation. Anna came to talk to me, held space for me to release, I cried and thanked her for her visit and loving presence. The next day, I resumed reading the pages that remained and this same energy run through me again, I felt my body and my cells vibrate powerfully. I have to say I have never felt anything like this reading a book. At the end of the reading I sat again in meditation to integrate. This time I felt the presence of Yeshua coming to me. I have never had a hard time opening my heart to the feminine spiritual presences, may it be the Divine Mother or Goddess embodied by Mary, Isis or Mary Magdalene.

In the presence of Yeshua and his Light, I felt a barrier in my heart, as if I kept him at a distance. Undoubtedly this barrier and lack of confidence comes in large part from my personal history with my father and the Masculine in general, but I felt that this also came from the collective feminine. This Feminine who has been so humiliated by the Masculine for centuries, and who has difficulty to regain full confidence and be open-hearted with this sometimes violent and dominating Masculine. I also realized how we women tried to foil patriarchy by finding subterfuges of power and manipulation to regain a little dignity. But too often we became castrating, especially with our sons, like an unconscious desire for revenge perhaps.

Yeshua then passed his hand over my aura, I felt his Love which was at the same time that of a father, a brother and a lover. At that moment I started opening up to his energy. He showed me that he was helping me to heal the Divine Masculine in me. I felt his energy embrace me and his hand caress my hair, and I cried a lot, I surrendered completely in his Light and in his Love. For one or two days after this intense experience, as often after high vibration experiences, I felt confused for a few days, with many emotional highs and lows. High vibrations bring up energetic and emotional debris that need to be released. All that vibrates at a lower frequency emerges to the surface. And of course Yeshua didn’t give me his full load high frequency otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here to write. These kind of experiences can only be humbling, and it requires a time to intergrate.

In these times of intense eclipses, between the lunar eclipse of the 7th of August and the solar eclipse on the 21st, with the Lion Gate in between, I feel more than ever that Yeshua is back to offer to the world what he sowed, he and his family, a little more than 2000 years ago. We can only feel gratitude for these masters and great initiates who came to anchor this Light on Earth, in order to prepare the ground by creating grids of Light on the planet. So that today we can take the torch and walk in their steps to assist the planetary ascension, we are paving the way into the Golden Age or the Age of Aquarius. Christ is in each and every one of us and he is awakening, we are all bearers of His Light. "What I have come to do, you can do it too and even more" – this is what Yeshua came to tell us. His message and mission, unlike what we have been taught for 2000 years, is not to have sacrificed himself to purge the sins of us poor mortals. He is not the savior or the unique son of God as the Church wanted us to believe. His message is that we are all sons and daughters of God, we are Essences of pure Light – we are Him: we are Peace, we are Unconditional Love, we are Compassion and we are Immortal.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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