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Energy forecast for 2018 : times of transition.

Updated: 7 days ago

2018 is a year of intensity and transition, with opportunities for deep transformation and manifestation. Saturn in Capricorn brings seriousness and a focus on inner structure, while Jupiter in Scorpio offers a chance for alchemical change. Trust your feelings when relocating and don't base decisions on fear. As lightworkers, we are creating a grid of light for Ascension.

2017 has been an intense year for many people, many challenges and radical changes ....

This year, the intensity will not weaken. Indeed we are on an upward curve at least until 2020, even 2022-2024. The next two to six years are pivotal years of transition for humanity, a complete change of the structures of society. Intensity will grow till the 2020 energy peak with the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn. This conjunction could mark the beginning of a great turnaround, a revolution, or even a war at a global level.

What will be experienced during this period is specific to each and every one of us according to where we are on our path of evolution. But with Saturn that has entered Capricorn, we will really get down to serious things, withdrawing more and more what is unnecessary, rebuilding our inner structure and our relationship to security (especially material security). And with Jupiter transiting through the sign of Scorpio, there is a real opportunity for deep alchemical transformation, or even a great initiation. There is the opportunity to find our inner strength through the discovery of our own Truth. Remember the word "Truth", because all that is not Truth will be brought to light this year of 2018, whether it is the search for our own Truth, but also obviously on a global level. This has already started in 2017 but it will intensify this year.

As I mention every time I speak of the times to come, there is no defined future, but only probable futures. There is an infinity of different time lines, what determines a probable future is the momentum of the collective consciousness since it is all a co-creation. There is still a probability of moving towards global conflict. Instead of fearing what will happen, it is better to look at things from another angle, a higher perspective. We can understand that in a society that needs to be changed completely, conflict might ultimately actually be the quickest way to more peace in this world. The light keeps increasing on this planet but by polarity effect the darkness intensifies too.

As lightworkers we have all lived many incarnations on this earth, our souls have carried the heaviness of density, the experience of Light and Darkness. We have often been condemned and persecuted for bringing a stream of consciousness and light because in the past humanity was not ready to welcome this New Consciousness. Today we are living an extraordinary time where we have the opportunity to come back and finally be welcomed for what we have to offer to this planet and especially to this blind and suffering humanity. But that does not mean that there will not be challenges anymore...

The more we work on ourselves, the more we heal our shadows, the more we succeed in finding peace within ourselves, the higher we raise our vibration and thus the easier it will be to remain in inner stability and peace. Just by remaining observers of the surrounding chaos, witnessing the darkness around us but without being affected by it. By raising our perspective we can realize that even in chaotic and dark times everything is perfect in the Great Divine Plan.

Moreover this year 2018 is a year 11 in numerology, a master number. Its vibration allows an acceleration of manifestation. It is therefore an ideal year to meet with our power of manifestation that is innate and make good use of it !

For the past months, spring of 2018 often comes to my mind, especially the month of May that comes back regularly. I feel that something important will happen next spring. Like small earthquakes figuratively speaking but perhaps also literally, in any case we will be shook ! It may be the beginning of the economic crisis that has been hanging over our heads for a few years, like the one in 1929, but it may be bigger in terms of impact and financial loss.

If I can give you some advice, I would say that if you have some money in the bank, try to take it out as soon as you can. When the crisis will be here, as in the 1929, people will rush to the banks to recover their money, which will simply have disappeared. I recommend investing in tangible things like land, real estate or even precious metals like gold and silver. And as I've said before, buying land, being self-sufficient in energy and food is highly recommended in the coming years.

As for the cryptocurrencies, they are certainly part of a transition to a non-centralized economy, but for the moment it is very unstable and subject to speculation and therefore there might be a possible bursting of the speculative bubble. So for me it is an economic transition on the short term and not the long term because based on a virtual value. The logic of short-term profit is, in my opinion too close to the capitalist philosophy, and that is why I do not feel on a personal level, in agreement with that. But it is only my opinion. Let us not forget that originally the earth was colonized a long long time ago by an advanced civilization for its gold, though for different purposes. Gold and silver will always be safe and tangible values and their value will increase in the next years. Eventually humanity will transition to a society where money will no longer exist, on the New Earth the value of exchange will simply be the unique gift that everyone will have to offer.

I would also like to address the subject of US President Donald Trump. When he was elected I posted a video where I basically said that his election was rather good news, or that in any case we should try to see it from that point of view. My feeling has remained the same, and again let's look at things from another perspective : Trump is actually one of the biggest catalysts for change on this planet. Trump alone embodies all that is wrong in our society. I constantly see the whole planet pointing at him, mocking him, accusing him of being the devil himself. It turns out that the American people elected him, they elected him largely because they preferred to vote for the wolf rather than the wolf in sheep clothing. They voted against a system first and foremost.

People accuse Trump of narcissism, but in what society do we live in if not a society oriented towards individualism and narcissism? How many selfies are taken each day? How many people live completely self-centered lives focusing on the avatar they created on a screen?

People accuse Trump of being sexist and misogynist. Do we not live in a patriarchal society that uses the body of women as a currency and a sign of wealth and power? The whole society is concerned about sexual harassment and the abuse of power over women. The higher up the ladder of society, the more these abuses are legion, accepted and hushed.

People accuse Trump of being racist. Aren’t we living a time where the extremes and racial stigmatization are increasing? Have we not been culturally divided against each other? The West against the rest of the world? During Obama’s presidency, the first black president, did racist police acts not increase in the United States?

People accuse Trump of being a horrible capitalist. Again, do we not live in a world dominated by an illusory materialism and greed responsable for the destruction of our planet?

So instead of pointing at and stigmatizing Trump, it would be more interesting and constructive to see what he embodies and what he brings up on the collective level. If Trump triggers extreme emotions in you, I would invite you to go see inside what he is mirroring.

And let's not forget that behind the mask of the ego Trump there is a soul who has chosen to take on this role for these times of transition for humanity. His election allows people to wake up, if only we stopped pointing outside to focus on the inside. His role and the decisions he will make in future conflicts will also be decisive ...

A lot of people will be relocating as well. A few years ago, I’ve asked myself the question if I wanted to stay in Europe. I often see many people who wonder about staying in Europe or the United States in the coming years. It is true that as we will witness the fall of the American Empire, something will also crystallize itself in Europe. I would say that whatever decision we make, let’s try not to take it based on fear or flight. Let us trust our feelings, we are always called by the place where it is right for us to live wherever it is on the planet. As I said before when we work on ourselves and raise our vibration we are no longer a vibrational match to the Darkness and therefore no matter where we are, we will not be affected by it. What I will advise however is to move away from cities, because when the economic and food crisis are here it will be more chaotic in cities.

As far as I am concerned, my soul was called by the Pyrenees a few years ago. Since then I came across many messages from different sources that indicate that the Pyrenees are becoming an important spiritual center for the planet and for the New Consciousness. And I think that France will have a role to play in future times. But there are many similar places across the globe. Again, as pillars of light, we are all called to different places on the planet, creating an interconnected grid of light in service of Ascension, so just trust your inner guidance.

Finally, I wish you all a wonderful year 2018 and I send you a blessing of peace and joy in your heart.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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