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The healing of the Masculine

Updated: Apr 9

The Masculine is experiencing a deep healing and recalibration, with an acceleration of energies causing anger and frustration. Men and women alike can heal their relationships with the Masculine and Feminine, addressing wounds from controlling or submissive mothers and fathers. Embrace the Divine Masculine as an ally to the Feminine, and let go of power games. Join the Ascension and heal your wounds, as the return of the Divine Feminine brings forth young women as spiritual guides

Since the beginning of this year, the Masculine has been experiencing a great recalibration and a deep healing. At the moment, we are witnessing an acceleration of these energies, whether we are men or women, there is a lot of anger within the Masculine. This is the opportunity for men to heal their anger and hate towards the Feminine, and it happens through the healing of the anger towards the mother. Wether they were controlling mothers, possessive mothers wanting their son to remain a child, mothers living vicariously their Masculine through their son, submissive mothers, mothers who failed to protect their son, especially their baby boy, from the trauma of circumcision. It is time to bring down the energies of the mind to the heart and stop projecting the Shadow of the Masculine outward by returning inward and toward your center.

For women, it is an opportunity to find and make peace with their own masculine energy, to heal the relationship with the father, to find stability and assertiveness. All of this for the emergence of the Divine Masculine, ally and eternal support of the Feminine.

No coincidence, I'm currently receiving judgments and attacks from some masculine egos projecting their Shadow onto me. I read things like, "Given your physical appearance, you can not have any depth" or "I prefer to rely on the gurus and elders of the past". Or they try at any cost to find the flaws in me to maintain an illusion of superiority.

Sorry guys, spiritual guides no longer look like they used to be, they are no longer older men with long white beards. Presently, it is the return of the Divine Feminine and that is why there are so many young women emerging as guides in the spiritual field in recent years. Take your triggers, reactions and negative emotions as invitations for your healing and take responsibility for them.

We invite you to join us in this Ascension, you are not excluded from this movement, we invite you to lay down your weapons, your anger and your frustrations towards the Feminine. We recognize your wounds and we are here to help you heal them so you can finally open your heart. The power games between the Feminine and the Masculine are over, there is none that is superior or inferior to the other. Follow the example of some of your brothers who have already anchored their Divine Masculine and who honor themselves as they honor and support the Feminine. We love you, we need you.

Sat Nam

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