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The dark side of spirituality and the New Age (false light, 2.0 gurus)

Updated: Apr 9

Navigating the spiritual world can be challenging with the presence of false light and spiritual egos. Be discerning and listen to your intuition. Look for authentic, heart-centered teachers who empower you, not control you. Trust yourself and your own guidance. Embrace your humanity and integrate your shadow for true spiritual growth.

We have reached a turning point in the history of humanity; we are witnessing an unprecedented change in all spheres of society. The old world is collapsing and the new world is already here, in this in-between we are invited to let go everything that belongs to the past and all that no longer serves us to go forward. This also concerns the field of spirituality. Since the dawn of time we have incorporated many concepts and spiritual truths, most of them transmitted by many teachers and masters who came to Earth, and by beings from other planets. For millennia men and women have acted as an intermediary between man and the gods, transmitting spiritual knowledge. Spirituality has also been structured around religions, which has shifted humanity into the dark side of spirituality. It became a controlling, dogmatic and manipulative entity subjugating humans to its power. Today religions are dying, but with them many beliefs and spiritual concepts too. In fact, it is a whole structure of the old spiritual paradigm that is collapsing. Among this old spiritual paradigm, there is also what is called the New Age movement. The New Age finds its origins in Theosophism (a mix between Hinduism, Buddhism and Esotericism) with figures such as Alice Bailey, Helena Blavatsky or even Jung. The New Age started flourishing in the 1960s with the Peace & Love movement and developed more widely in the 80’s and 90’s. The New Age movement is eclectic and draws on different spiritual traditions. It puts Man back in the center, offers approaches to self-awareness and personal development, and also includes some pagan traditions and the link to Mother Earth. The New Age wanted to be the spiritual movement of the Age of Aquarius. We mustn’t throw everything away in the New Age, far from it. But with the blossoming of the New Age in the world we have arrived today at a saturation point. A point where we discover that the New Age also has a shadow side, which most of the time is completely taboo in the spiritual communities.

I was born into a completely atheistic family; I was educated with the idea that religions are bullshit. Despite that I always felt a spiritual connection, especially to Mother Mary and to Jesus since I was a child, without being able to explain it. When I began my spiritual journey and discovered the New Age, I was amazed to see that I had found exactly what suited me: a very eclectic spiritual movement where I could tap into what resonated for me and leave the rest aside. It is a movement that draws on the quintessence and the positive aspect of all religions. I could meditate, play with my crystals, do shamanic ceremonies, learn about chakras and energetic meridians, practice yoga and energy healing, read many books on various techniques. That's the positive side of New Age. The downside is that after a while all these teachings remain on a superficial level. There are many attractive and positive concepts thrown into the New Age, things that seem easy to integrate. And that's the problem. The New Age has become big business, a fast food of spirituality where we are made to believe that by reading three or four books, doing two or three workshops, or two or three shamanic ceremonies we will have understood everything, we will have become awakened beings. All of this contributes to the formation of what we call the "spiritual ego," an ego who believes that he knows everything, that he is a high spiritual being who has understood everything and has no lessons to learn from anyone, in other words a righteous ego. Or we become like spiritual junkies, addicted to spiritual knowledge and healing, always wanting more. With the major global shift we are currently experiencing, many people are increasingly touching their light, but many others are falling into this part of the spiritual ego shadow. There are many layers of Illusion, the first Illusion is the identification with what I call the 3D ego, the other layers of Illusions are those of the identification to the 4D spiritual ego. Sometimes this spiritual ego turns into a narcissistic spiritual ego, and then we’re in trouble! It is very difficult to wake up from this illusion. I will try to highlight what no longer serves us today in spirituality. I will start with the "positive thinking" movement that has done a lot of damage. We are told that the first law of the Universe is the Law of attraction, the more we focus on something the more we manifest it. So we only need to focus on the positive, if not (beware!), we will attract the negative into our life. This is true to a certain extent, but the way it is taught is based on fear, the fear of drawing negative things into our life. And so what happens when we are afraid of something and we push away the negative on a subconscious level? - We attract exactly what we are afraid of (see my article on the Law of Attraction). Moreover, we do not solve our problems by always pushing away the negative and burying our heads in the sand, but by integrating these parts of our Shadow. The damage created by this movement is such, that now there are people who do not want to listen to their friends’ problems when they are feeling bad, because they think by focusing on the negative they will attract that to them too. This is madness!

It should also be known that spirituality can be used as an avoidance strategy, it is called "spiritual bypassing". For example, meditation is probably the most powerful tool for enlightenment, yet meditation can be used as spiritual bypassing. For example, if you feel a lot of anger, many spiritual teachers tell you that anger is negative; it’s bad to feel anger. So you will meditate trying not to feel this anger and focus on the well being of meditation, instead of allowing yourself to go through this anger fully and therefore release it. Once again we are in a form of denial and repression that can cause us many problems. Unfortunately today, many spiritual teachers continue to fuel these beliefs. Many spiritual teachers have gone astray in another layer of Illusion: the Illusion that all is Illusion. "Your anger is an illusion", "your body is an illusion", "your pain is an illusion". I can assure you, as a therapist telling someone: "Your suffering is just an illusion," can bring about thirty seconds of relief, but has never lead to any kind of healing whatsoever. The fact is these spiritual teachers have touched a certain truth, the truth of the Higher self. Yes it is true that from the point of view of the Higher self, our body, our pain, our life, our thoughts are an illusion. It turns out that many of these teachers believe they have reached the ultimate Truth. Because they themselves have taken refuge in this higher point of view to avoid having to do deal with what brings them back to their human part of the incarnation and therefore pain. In fact, many spiritual teachers are in what we call a state of dissociation (I will discuss this further in another article).

They are therefore not fully present in their incarnation, they have remained in the point of view of the Higher self and have not integrated their pain, they are not even aware of it for the most part. Besides, they never talk about their pain or only in the past, on stage they teach high spiritual truths, but they never talk about the behind the scenes aspect and what happens in their human life. And so, the people who listen to these teachings are also in a dissociative state that ends up becoming schizophrenic, because on the one hand they continue to feel emotions and pain, but they are told that it is all an illusion. They then lock themselves into another bubble of illusion, the illusion that everything is an illusion. They go round in circles and seem to never be able to be up to their spiritual teachers.

I am incarnated in a body - this is real. I feel an emotion - my emotion is real. I feel pain - my pain is real. In fact everything is real! To say that it is an illusion from the human point of view would be like saying that dreams are not real. But dreams are very real; it’s only a different reality. That's why people who follow these teachings end up going round in circles and do not evolve. They think they have arrived at the end of the road and are happy to inject doses of spiritual morphine:“ I am bliss and unconditional love, everything else is an illusion" and they suppress their emotions and dissociate themselves completely from their humanity. From the little hamster wheel of the 3D matrix, they move on to the hamster wheel of "everything is an illusion, I am trapped in my spiritual bubble ". Every time we think we have reached the ultimate Truth, it becomes the next thing we wake up out of. The reality is that after integrating these higher spiritual truths, you have to go back to the human, back to the body, back to the incarnation and integrate all the parts of the human shadow. This is the path. When I listen to these teachers say: "There is nowhere to go, we have already arrived, everything is already accomplished” or "There is nothing to be done but to be." I want to ask them but what's the point of the incarnation then? All these concepts are true from the point of view of the Higher Consciousness, but not from the human point of view of incarnation. In fact the incarnation and evolution a soul experiences is what allows the expansion of the Universe, through the unique perspective it chose. We agree to incarnate and of forget everything and then we go through the path of remembrance of our True Divine Nature. It is by this contrast and duality, that the Universe expands. It turns out that a soul chooses to incarnate precisely for its expansion, for the adventure that this represents, because it ends up being bored by sitting in eternal bliss, there is no contrast. So let's live this adventure fully! The path of awakening is to go back to the incarnation, to the human aspect, ground in the body and to explore all the facets of our perfectly imperfect humanity. To reject the human, its emotional and fragile aspect, and even the ego, means rejecting a part of the divine. Because everything is divine, absolutely everything is. Now let's talk about the extreme cases of what I call the 2.0 Gurus, whether spiritual teachers or coaches, there is currently a movement of self-proclaimed "spiritual leaders", who are lost in their narcissistic spiritual ego. I recently saw things like workshops where we are promised to achieve enlightenment in three weekends, where the slogan is: "If you come out of here and you still feel human, it means we have failed”. We then see participants coming out of there in a false bliss state and say: "I do not even know what my name is anymore". My jaw dropped when I saw this. There is nothing more sinuous than false light. Others believe by constantly saying they are authentic they hold the only truth, and by saying the word “authentic” every other sentence this will prove how true and authentic they are. Authenticity is like power, when we are truly authentic we do not need to say it, when we our truly powerful we don’t need to abuse of our power. These 2.0 Gurus have hundreds of thousands of followers and use modern tools like the Internet to gain more and more power and wealth to fill up their narcissistic spiritual ego’s needs.

As Patrick Burensteinas (a French alchemist) says: "The master enlightens, the guru shines". A true master is recognizable by his/her humility; he/she does not need to feel superior or to rub it in your face. In fact some of these 2.0 Gurus are controlled by reptilian entities, I was shown this in my dreams. Of course these entities have infiltrated the New Age! They would have been really stupid not to, wouldn’t they? It's done with the Gurus, it's part of the old spiritual paradigm, and this also includes the legacies of Indian spiritual traditions, where there is a whole folklore around the Guru. No one is superior to you and to be put on a pedestal, the teacher has just as much to learn from his disciple.

I also think about channels, mediums and other psychics. Along my journey I have met many, many of them. Some are awesome; others actually have pretty big egos. Just because someone has developed psychic gifts (which we all have just not fully activated yet) does not make them spiritually superior. The gifts and human qualities of the heart are more important than the rest. And often they believe that their gifts exonerate them from working on themselves.

It is extremely rare to see channels and mediums that have a relative pure channel; most of the time information is filtered by the mind and beliefs of the channel. When a channel channels Jesus for example, he does not directly channel the soul of Jesus. It’s an aspect of Jesus' consciousness that is connecting to the channel's own Higher self. The channeling is filtered and translated by the mind (unless the channel is in a state of deep trance and astral travels during the channeling). Some channels are also parasitized by negative entities that pretend to be beings of light or ascended masters. As I said, beware of negative entities they have infiltrated spirituality, so use your discernment and listen to your guts! When I listen to a spiritual teacher out of alignment, or channels channeling negative entities I feel nausea for example. So how to navigate through all this?

First of all the false light can only be present when there is still a dominant ego. Beings that are actually heart-centered are less likely to be targets. Secondly, it is important not to idealize teachers or spiritual guides. They are human beings, with their qualities and their flaws; we are all on a spiritual path of evolution and healing. A truly awakened being does not need to say that they are, it's like authenticity. Look for people who are truly authentic, who are not afraid to be vulnerable, with whom you feel a real human connection. People who won’t act differently on stage or in front of the camera and behind the scenes. For example, teachers who will try to look more enlightened by using a tone and a voice that is not natural at all. People who do not feed your spiritual ego while feeding theirs, saying that if you follow their teachings you will reach enlightenment, that they have the truth, or that you are the reincarnation of Master Saint Germain or whatever... People who empower you and not who have power over you and create a dependent relationship. I myself experienced this deception at some point in my life when I was going through hardships, and where I needed guidance. At that time my self-esteem was very low and I did not trust myself. I put my trust in someone outside of myself; I gave them all my power. When I realized that this person was a lure, I felt betrayed but in the end it was a huge gift. I understood that it was the best opportunity for me to regain my power, that all I had projected and idealized in this person was in me and that I had to trust myself, trust my intuition and my own guidance. Today I found my passion, my mission, which is to help, to serve, to guide others on their spiritual path and their path of healing. So listen to your heart, to your body, use your discernment trust yourself and regain your power! Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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