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The New Spiritual Paradigm - towards Heart-centered Consciousness

Updated: Apr 9

Enter the new spiritual paradigm, a stage of collective evolution towards greater awareness and responsibility. Embrace the shadow, end victim-consciousness, and take charge of your experiences. Learn to use triggers as healing gifts and integrate the ego with love. As empaths, serve and lead by example. Observe without judgment and embrace heart-centered consciousness.

In my last article I spoke about the dark side of New Age and spirituality, all these out-dated spiritual beliefs that no longer serve us, as well as some of the pitfalls of the spiritual ego and the false light. All of this is now part of the old spiritual paradigm as we enter the new spiritual paradigm. So what exactly is the new spiritual paradigm? The new spiritual paradigm is a new stage in the spiritual evolution of humanity, there is currently a collective movement towards this next stage. Everyone is not yet at this level of evolution, there are still many people who need to go through old paradigm concepts because they still have things to learn from them. If you are reading this article, you are probably ready to enter this new paradigm, or you are already there.

Spiritual evolution is a natural impulse towards more awareness, the more we move forward, the more the unconscious becomes conscious. What emerges to the light of consciousness is embraced with love and care in order to fully integrate it into our being. We could say it is integrating the shadow self. The new spiritual paradigm is the end of victim-consciousness and the end of the victim-perpetrator-savior patterns. The main feature of the new paradigm is responsibility. In 3D and 4D we are still at the level of a child or a teenager, we always look for someone or something to blame outside of ourselves for the pain we feel inside. We blame our parents, the neighbor, our family, our partner, the Illuminati, the reptilians, the negative entities ... they are all responsible for our pain and it is reassuring for the ego to believe that it is a victim of the outside world because the ego can only see itself as separate from everything. Everything is vibration, we all emit a certain vibration. Our vibration is determined by the programming we have chosen to receive when we entered this world, wounds that we carry like burdens, it’s our Shadow side. When we are children these wounds are deeply anchored in our subconscious mind and our emotional body. Throughout our lives, we are going to draw experiences that reactivate these wounds, it’s the Universe’s way of helping us to become aware of these wounds in order to heal them. But if we constantly fall victim, we miss the opportunity to become aware of our wounds. And the same goes for everything that we draw into our lives, be it negative people, drama, diseases as well as negative entities, black magic or possession.

In this new paradigm, which is the transition from 4D to 5D, we become 100% responsible for our experience. This means we stop pointing at something outside or blaming the outside world, but we systematically go within instead. Basically it means owning our own Shadow, or owning our own shit. Certain people or situations very often trigger so-called "negative" emotions in us, and sometimes automatic violent reactions that can lead to inner or outer conflict. When we experience this, the first thing we could do is to take a few moments to become aware of what these people or situations trigger in us as a reaction. What emotion, words, state? Second, we could ask ourselves: "Why is my ego in a defense mechanism as if there was danger?” That’s always the first red flag, because the ego always tries to protect us from pain. Third, once the ego's reaction is identified, we return fully to the felt emotion and breathe through it. And finally we might simply ask ourselves the following question: "What does it show or tell me regarding my own personal story"? I will discuss this more in detail in a future article on the nature of healing. I will also talk about the therapy I have developed which heals the emotional body and the inner child. When we take responsibility for what we experience, we learn how to use all these triggers, which are in fact healing gifts in disguise here for our spiritual evolution. Imagine if everyone did this? There would be no more conflicts in the world. But this requires practice, and I assure you that at first it will be difficult not to fall into unconsciousness again, because they are often automatic reactions of our subconscious programming that act for us. But over time this practice will itself become automatic. Obviously, the closest people trigger us the most, and the more difficult it is to stay centered, because they often bring up what is most vulnerable in us. I will give you a personal example, many years ago I was victim of several psychic attacks, which made me of course a lot of trouble at the time. I realized that these psychic attacks came to point at wounds, parts of me where there was not enough love. These attacks were actually a gift to show me the parts of me that desperately needed my love and attention. So to those people who sent me these attacks, I said THANK YOU. Because all triggers show you where you don’t love yourself enough.

If we say thank you to everything that the Universe sends to us for our healing, everything will be more fluid and we can only get positive results.

By loving all the parts of ourselves that need our love and attention, by treating them gently, we are stepping more and more into the heart-centered consciousness, which is the consciousness of the New Earth. Instead of going to war against the ego, after Freud’s “kill the father", we had the "we must kill the ego" of the old spiritual paradigm. In the new paradigm, we see the ego as a child in pain who needs love, and instead of trying to annihilate it, which is impossible, we integrate it gently by the Light of our Consciousness. I refer you to my article entitled "Integrating the ego, a key to self-love". In the new spiritual paradigm we also stop believing that if bad things happen to us we have bad karma, or we have done something wrong, or the Creator is not happy and so he is making us pay. Everything that happens to us is decided by our soul before and during the incarnation, and we always have the free will to change the story line. We are all masters of our destiny. This is also the case for the law of mirroring. The outside world is certainly a mirror but if we use this concept to berate ourselves all the time saying: "I attracted this, it is a mirror of what is unresolved in me, or I have done something wrong, please forgive me my Father I have sinned! ", there too we quickly fall back into victim-consciousness and believe that we deserve to be punished. Yes the outside world is a mirror but the mirror works both ways. As lightworkers we are a mirror of humanity’s future evolution. Personally as a therapist, I help people who of course have similar wounds to mine but also wounds that I have never experienced. If I said to myself every time that I work with someone, that this person is a mirror of my unresolved wounds, I’d be in trouble! These people actually reflect the wounds I myself have transcended so that I can help them now. It's the same in our lives in general, when we have done the work on ourselves, when we have already evolved spiritually, when we meet people who share the same wounds or patterns, it is not necessarily because we have not healed them, it is simply a reminder to show us exactly what we have healed from our past and we reflect back to them their possible future.

So how do we know if the outside actually reflects something unresolved in us? Well the answer is above: it triggers an automatic emotional reaction from us. In the new spiritual paradigm, as empaths, we are also responsible. Empaths strongly feel the emotions of others and find it difficult to tell the difference between theirs and those of others. As empaths in the new paradigm, we accept to feel these emotions, but we know how to take what belongs to us and leave what does not. We leave aside the savior or martyr aspect of "I will take the suffering of everyone on my shoulders". We serve and lead by example and see our path of healing and inner resolution as a way of helping liberate the collective. In the new spiritual paradigm, we make a difference between judgment and observation. The state of observation is the natural state of the soul, a meditative state where one observes one's reality without having to put labels on it or to give one's opinion. One simply observes what is and what happens inside. Judgment is very subjective and one of the tools of the ego. Of course we all have an ego, a mind and we all judge, I’m not saying it’s wrong to judge but we often judge in a programmed and unconscious way. In this new consciousness, we are invited to become aware of our judgments and self-judgments, and finally see if they are really useful. If they do good or harm us or others. As long as we have an ego, a personality, we have a certain subjective perspective on the world, even when we reach enlightenment the ego does not die (that’s another out-dated from the old spiritual paradigm), otherwise there would be no more body. We are merely aware of what belongs to the ego, and we fully let our soul shine through so that it leads the dance.

The new spiritual paradigm is about becoming more gentle with ourselves and others, learning to love and heal our wounds without blaming the outside world. This leads to incredible empowerment, strength and freedom. We are the masters of our lives, in all areas we have the free will at every moment to feed our Light or to feed our Shadow. We learn to watch and apprehend the world through the eyes of the heart and not with the eyes of the mind, allowing us to anchor this Love that we truly are and radiate it to the world. To guide the world we must first remove that which obscures our own vision and we must become our own guides and own healers. Sat Nam Gabrielle Isis

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