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A message for the Full Moon in Scorpio / Wezak on May 18th 2019.

Updated: Apr 9

Embrace the transformative Scorpio Full Moon on May 18th, 2019. Surrender, release deep emotions, and heal by taking responsibility. Discover your true self on this spiritual journey.

The full moon in Scorpio has the reputation of being one of the most powerful full moons of the year. The full moon energy usually invites us to let go and surrender of things we do not want anymore. As the sign of Scorpio is associated with releasing, letting go of control and surrendering, we can say that the invitation to let go is very much increased by this full moon.

The year 2019 is the year of the light body activation for lightworkers. In order for this light and this love that we are to reveal itself, there is the need to allow everything we are not to die, and to surrender... To surrender is to let ourselves sink into the depths, into OUR depths. The energies of May are intense and volatile, very changeable and unstable. Staying on the surface of things won’t help us. What is brought to light with this full moon is the deep programming imprinted in our subconscious mind, especially the most uncomfortable part of it. How do we know what these programs are? Just following our emotions, seeing what triggers them and letting ourselves sink deep to the bottom of the sea to release the anchor related to our past. Healing can only take place if we allow these emotions to be felt, and so we let ourselves be transformed by life. But often this transformation is scary and we can feel resistance rising and clinging onto. What will we find on the other side of fear, anger, guilt, shame, sadness? We are so accustomed to identifying with our emotions, our patterns, our beliefs inherited from our ancestors. In the end, we prefer to cling on to them and continue to identify with what is familiar, instead of letting ourselves sink into the unknown. This is the primary fear we are facing. Who am I when I free myself from my story? A Chinese master said, "People want to heal, but they do not want to change." Healing can only take place through change, the profound transformation of what we are, or thought we were. When I take responsiblity for my life and my destiny, when I honor the emotions that run through me, however difficult they may feel, and let them transform me, only then can I come out of the victim consciousness. Victim of my past, victim of society, victim of life, victim of my own self. There is no victim, there is only unlimited potential revealing itself when we take back our power and we tap into the Life force energy that flows through us. This full moon is also associated with Wesak, which brings us back to the birth, the awakening and the death of the Buddha. Like all the masters who came to this earth, the Buddha journeyed deep within himself, he was confronted with his own demons (Mara), he let the attachments of the ego to his own form die. To transcend suffering, it is necessary to experience suffering, to transcend matter we must experience matter, to transcend our ego we must experience it and integrate it. All the rest is nothing but escapism and distraction of the mind from the very essence of our raison d'être: to experience ourselves as the Awareness through all things perceived, and that goes from the darkest depths to the brightest and most radiant light, and all that exists inbetween.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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