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A message from the Druids: "Unite and use your magic!"- Summer Solstice 21st of June 2020.

A week ago I went for a walk in my favorite forest with a friend and we stopped at the foot of an old oak tree, one of the forest’s guardian, to meditate for a bit. I had just closed my eyes when I saw several druids stepping forward towards me in a semicircle, they were the spirits of the ancestral druids of the forest. I knew indeed this forest was a place of druidic initiation in ancient times, but I was surprised because it was the first time that the druids of the forest presented themselves to me. Usually it's the elementals who come to see me and connect with me! Being initiated as a druid meant going through many levels of initiation and the druids could spend up to a twenty years training, only by oral tradition, these initiations took place for the most part in the forest. Druids or druidesses (because women had the right to be initiated, especially among the Celts) were initiated in their early years and the more they passed different levels of initiation, the more they gained responsibilities and magic power.

They studied various disciplines such as medicine (especially plant medicine and energy healing), astronomy, philosophy and even mathematics.

They had various roles in society: baptisms, weddings, they also took care of the dead by guiding their spirit in the afterlife. They were both the healer and the spiritual guide of the community but sometimes some had also a political and military role, taking decisions for the community or the tribe. You could say that druids are the shamans of our European cultures and when they reached a high level of magic they could affect matter, by shape-shifting and transforming into an animal for example. I was introduced to the Amazon Shipibo shamanism, and in their tradition the highest level for a shaman is called Muraya. It is said that a Muruya can also affect matter and travel from one dimension to another just as we take public transport. They can bi-locate or transform into an animal, in particular a jaguar, considered by the Shipibos as one of the most powerful animals with the anaconda. But let's go back to the visit of the forest druids… One of the druids stepped forward to communicate with me, he had a long robe, a boxwood stick, a beard and long hair. He said to me, "It's time for you to unite and use your magic." I then saw images of small groups of people gathering in nature to commune with it, in the form of celebrations, rituals, ceremonies. There was a lot of joy, light and lightness in these images, I saw young women dancing to the sound of music and wearing wreaths of leaves. The druid also reminded me of another dimension of our reality that I had put slightly aside. He showed me images of people on the streets right now, wearing masks and with the fear in their eyes. "They are bewitched," he said to me. The day before I went for a walk in a big city (I live in the countryside) and I was shocked by the general atmosphere and energy. He told me that indeed many black magic rituals had been made for what is happening now, which is similar to a bewitchment of the population. It is certainly not new, but I really felt that they put all their last forces to manifest the dark reality that they want to create. But they are failing. These same dark forces were present on earth also in the time of the druids, I am thinking in particular about the time of the Roman Empire, and I think that the druids used to be often confronted to this. Using our magic (white magic of course) does not mean fighting against black magic or doing real rituals of white magic (we can’t just pretend to be druids, as I said above, the druid initiation is long) . But it is simply about uniting and gathering in small groups (since festivals will be banned this summer) and sharing our light by joyful celebration communing with mother earth in nature or in city parks. We can also meditate together with a specific intention to spread the light, play music, sing…

All is made to separate and divide us currently, by gathering together we multiply these energies which then radiate throughout all the planes of reality. Thus we contribute to rebalance the energies in the collective and on this planet. This is our creative force, this is our inner magic as lightworkers. The druid also reminded me of a precious tool: crystals. During these gatherings for example, or even on our own, we can program these crystals by putting our intentions, our light there and place these crystals in strategic places, in nature of course but also in public places in cities for example. These crystals will then emanate this energy and re-harmonize these places. We can use various crystals that we are attracted to, but it is true that the quartz crystal is the most neutral and the most conducive for programming (we find quartz crystals in our electronic devices for example). I thanked the druids for their help and they walked away. I opened my eyes and I turned to my friend, she said: "I saw an old man with a long beard next to me during the whole time, he looked like a druid ". I replied laughing: "Ah you also saw them! Yes, they are the spirits of the ancient druids of the forest. " The druidic year is marked by many rituals during season changes and moon phases, including the Winter solstice and the Summer solstice which are the two most important dates on the Celtic calendar. We are soon at the Summer solstice which is celebrated on June 21st. The sun was very important in Druidic culture, in these ancient times humans worshiped it because they depended upon it, especially for crops. So what could be better than the Summer solstice, the day of the year when the light is most present on earth in the northern hemisphere, to celebrate, connect and spread this light? There will also be a annular solar eclipse that day, it will be powerful! Happy celebrations to all! Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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