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Energy forecast for 2020: no evolution without a revolution (reloveution).

Updated: Apr 8

Welcome to the transformative year of 2020, where cosmic alignments, numerology, and planetary shifts converge to redefine our existence. Explore the prophecies and energies shaping this pivotal period, from astrological conjunctions to spiritual awakenings.

First of all I wish you all a very happy New Year 2020, filled with joy and light! And I'm happy to be back for this new fresh start.

We have been warned about 2020 for several years as being a busy, intense and even a pivotal year for the history of mankind.

Astrologers speak of the triple Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, which will be ongoing during the year 2020, with a first Saturn-Pluto conjunction on January 12, 2020, then Jupiter joins Pluto on April 4, 2020.

In addition to the influence of the conjunction of Saturn (structure) and Pluto (destruction and transformation), in numerology we will be in a year 22 (master number and portal) which if we reduce it is a 4, which also represents structure and matter. This foreshadows that throughout the year, we will see the structures that make up our earthly reality collapse and transform.

First the structures put in place by the system that have become obsolete: the economy, the state, laws, the political and media system. Then the structures and foundations of our own lives on a personal level. All of this is likely to start shattering, as a lot of radical and sometimes sudden changes will take place in 2020.

The pressure on the people has become such that we are going to witness, and we are already witnessing, a rebellion in the streets. Small revolutions will occur in several countries at the same time. People are waking up and will no longer accept being enslaved. Change will happen through the people and for the people. Things that have been hidden from everyone's eyes, including the spiritual secrets held by a handful of individuals and used for the abuse of power, will be revealed. But before that, the human collective will have to look directly into its own Shadow. In order for the New Man to emerge, he must first integrate his Shadow.

When I connected to the energy of 2020, I was also shown a lot of changes and events on planet earth. More intense weather episodes, fires, earthquakes, but also volcanoes that are waking up all over the planet. Volcanoes are indeed connected to each other through an earth energy grid, ley lines, which function like electric cables. These ley lines act as an electric current and it is as if they light up these energy centers like light bulbs which are all connected to each other. The same goes for the sacred places and energy /stellar portals on earth, these centers are currently being activated and serve as channels to spread the light.

This is directly related to the solar activity and solar flares which are occurring more and more intensely. These solar episodes are sending ever more intense frequencies of light towards the earth. Again, we can visualize this as electric currents which are spreading through the planetary energy grid and which shake the very structures of Gaia and our physical bodies. This initiates a great purge on a terrestrial and cellular level, a transmutation of the 3D density, transforming our bodies and our DNA. We are moving from a carbon DNA to the 5th dimensional crystalline DNA, and in order to achieve this the very structures of our being must be shaken up.

As lightworkers, we have been in this transition and transmutation for a number of years now. In December 2019, we closed a 7-year healing cycle which had started during the energy window from 12/12/2012 to 12/21/2012 (date of the end of the Maya calendar which is in fact the end of the 5th sun). And we are now opening a new 7-year cycle: from 2020 to 2027 which will be a period of major transition to the New Consciousness and the New Earth. This transition will be experienced on a earth level in a chaotic and intense way, we are therefore asked to be particularly vigilant with what is happening within and without. Being centered and in alignment will no longer be an option.

In other words, for lightworkers there is a real possibility of a total renewal and renaissance in 2020. A new life, which occurs through the embodiment and expression of the Light that we are, through our physical body. In 2019, I talked about the activation of the Light body, this activation took place by diving into deeper layers of trauma and wounds, it was not an easy year, but this cleansing was necessary for our cells and energy to align with the new frequencies of Light. The heart center is also going through a healing and activation. Let's not forget that in the 5th dimension, we vibrate from the heart and no longer from the head and the ego. For many of us, the year 2020 represents a crossroad in our lives, with the possibility of renewal and change, with many possibilities and paths open to us.

One of the key words I have been given for 2020 is the word "re-emergence". I was connected to the energy of Lemuria, an ancient civilization that lived millions of years ago on Earth, on a continent in the Pacific ocean that was also called the continent of Mu. This continent has been engulfed and there are still some reminiscences like the island of Hawaii, Easter Island the Fiji Islands but also New Zealand and Australia (if all eyes are on Australia right now it isn’t a coincidence)... If I was shown Lemuria it is because the energy that was present in those times was an energy very close to earthly paradise. A feminine energy where all beings were connected through the heart, through intuition and telepathy. There reigned a great harmony between these beings and the consciousness of Gaia.

If I was told about this "re-emergence", it’s because the energy of this civilization has always been present on earth. It is encoded in the planetary grids and it’s these same codes which are resurfacing now. The New Earth is in a way modeled on this earthly paradise which already existed on the planet a long time ago. After the fall of Lemuria, some Lemurians have taken refuge underneath the earth and these beings wish to re-establish the connection with us, when we are ready ... are we ready yet?

"Re-emergence"… it is also possible that some Lemurian lands will resurface following terrestrial and geological changes that are expected in the years to come. I'm not sure about this, but it was made clear to me that it was a possibility. In addition to reconnecting with the Lemurians, we are also being prepared for the first official contact with our galactic brothers and sisters. When we talk about activating the light body we also talk about retrieving our multidimensionality, this is why we are connecting more and more with various aspects of our being. This also means connecting with all the different dimensions and the beings that exist there.

From 2020 and on, many of us will reconnect with our soul families. We will build communities, healing and ecological centers where we can live in self-sufficiency but also welcome other souls who need it. On a financial level, money that is based on thin air will soon become obsolete, local currencies and short circuits will develop more and more. Cryptocurrencies will be useful for this monetary transition in the near future, but not necessarily in the long term.

Spiritual autonomy will be more and more important, it is no coincidence that we see many spiritual gurus falling one after the other. Everyone will find their direct link with the Divine in themselves, without having to experience it through external people and certainly not by placing their power in the hands of someone else. There will always be guides and spiritual messengers, but they will serve as an example and not as icons to be worshiped.

And finally, I'm going to talk about the event or solar flash, which I already mentioned in a previous video. This is a phenomenon that takes place approximately every 25,000 years, and these repeated solar flares that we are experiencing are the preparatory phase for this event which will take place in the near future (not necessarily in 2020). This will mark the radical transition from one world to another, the Old earth to the New earth. At that time, the earth will literally be inundated by a great wave of Light from the central sun, so powerful that we will see this flash of light from our own eyes. We are asked to experience the culmination to this time mindfully and not in fear. We must have faith that when this happens we will all be in the right place, at the right time with the right people. The same goes for the chaos on earth that we will witness (and not fall victim to) during these times of transition.

We are living extraordinary times, and in difficult times it is always good to remember that we are incredibly lucky to be incarnated on earth today and to be able to witness these unprecedented planetary shifts. So let's stay firmly anchored in our Light.

And finally this year 2020 foreshadows a good dose of unpredictability and sudden events (otherwise it wouldn't be funny!). Therefore we can’t predict in advance everything that will happen, so let's be open to the unexpected and the unknown!

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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