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Meet your spirit guides. Who are they and how to communicate with them?

Updated: Apr 8

Explore the realm of spirit guides and learn how they accompany us on our spiritual journey. Discover who they are, how they communicate, and the importance of discerning their messages. Gain insight into the subtle ways they guide us toward growth and empowerment, and how to distinguish their guidance from other influences. Join the journey of connection with our inner guides and the divine wisdom they offer.

An impressive amount of people in the spiritual community are interested in spirit guides, we just need to look at the number of articles and videos that abound on the internet on this subject! But who exactly are they, do they stay with us during an entire lifetime and how can we interact with them?

When we think of a guide in our material world, we think of someone who helps us walk along the path of life. A guide guides us, advises us, supports us along the road we have chosen to take. In the spiritual world, we could say it’s quite similar. Often we even have several guides, sometimes a main guide. Spiritual guides are indeed here to help us on our spiritual journey, they help the incarnated soul to get on track which will allow it to fulfill its mission. Contrary to what some people think, all souls have a "mission". This does not mean that it is necessarily a superhero mission that comes to save the world. A mission is simply a path of evolution, which will often allow us to explore one or more specific themes chosen by our soul and our guides before incarnating. Guides can take many different forms, and they can be different types of entities. Among spirit guides we might find: ancestors, deceased relatives, animals (sometimes deceased or totem animals), ancestors or masters from other incarnations, soulmates or twin flames, spiritual figures such as ascended masters, nature spirits, beings from the inner-earth or from the stars, the consciousness of the earth itself, Gaia ... and many other forms. As we can see guides can be really diverse and varied. Along the way I have come to realize that guides can also change over a lifetime, some are there for a lifetime and others are not. Indeed, the goal of existence being to go towards more expansion of consciousness, when one attains certain levels of consciousness and evolution, certain guides give way to other spiritual beings often vibrationally higher, which will be more in tune with our level of evolution.

For example, last year while I was going through great phases of transformation of my being and consciousness, I visited the Akashic records and a new guide came to me to inform me that he would now be a one of my main guides. I like to have fun with him and call him "Merlin" (even if he's not Merlin) because he looks like a wise old druid. He told me that one of his speciality was to be a spiritual guide for the earthly guides. A guide for guides in a way. So how do we get in touch or perceive our guides? What we need to know is that even if we are under the impression of never having heard our guides or received anything from them, they are always there and they transmit things to us, sometimes without us knowing. Their way of communicating with us is very subtle, always suggesting and never forcing. This is why if we can hear them, it will always be a soft benevolent voice, like a little fairy whispering in our ear. Sometimes guides place things on our path that will help us at a specific time, such as a book or a text for example. Others interact with nature or our environment, leaving signs of their presence or about our progress. Synchronicities with numbers are also sometimes used by our guides or our angels to transmit messages and show us that we are on the right path. And by the way what is the difference between a guide and an angel? An angel might also help or guide us, but its main role is to watch over us and protect us, not only our physical body but also our energy. They are sort of guardians, hence the term guardian angel. We can also ask our guides or our angels to send us messages in our dreams or to answer certain questions in our sleep. One of the most important things to remember about guides is that they NEVER interfere with our choices and our free will. It’s a universal law. If you hear voices saying "Do this, do that!" or "No, don't do that!" Or other things that suggest giving orders, these are not your guides. Often the ego likes to make us believe that it is a guide, I regularly come across people in the spiritual community who only swear by their guides and never make a single decision without their agreement. It is not their guides but their mind or spiritual ego which impersonates their guides.

A guide is a guide, not a crutch, we are not dependent on them. Often it is a way of ridding themselves of responsibility and infantilizing themselves, when on the contrary our guides wish to see us grow and empower ourselves. Guides are not here to live our lives for us and make choices on our behalf. They are there to support us and help us punctually. Guides will always lead us to more expansion, positivity and light. When we hear people say they receive messages from their guides about this thing or that person and the message is oozing with negativity, judgment or fear, here again it is not their guides. At best it’s their own ego, and at worst it’s negative entities playing with them. Because the spiritual world is filled with various beings, some are in the light and others not so much. Human beings have always been deceived and manipulated by so-called "negative" entities, they are simply beings that vibrate at a lower frequency, often coming from the lower astral plane. Right now with the polarization of Light-Shadow extremes, the lower astral is very present in the 3D world and does everything to interfere with human energy. It’s not about being afraid of it, it’s just about being alert and knowing who exactly we are dealing with. These so-called negative entities are always in resonance with the vibration of the people they come to parasitize. Either because of their unconsciousness and certain flaws in their being, or because these people have chosen the dark path. This can also happen with professionals, such as psychics, mediums or channelers. So beware, not all information comes from benevolent beings. Again use your discernement and feel how it resonates for you and how it feels in your body, is it love-based (opening) or fear-based (constricting)? For more information about the false light and the dark side of the New Age read my article here. As we saw earlier, guides interact with us in different ways, sometimes even without us knowing. But if we really want to start hearing them distinctly, or chatting with them, we must be in a state of receptivity, of calm, where the mind is switched off. When we have a strong and hyperactive mind, daily meditative practice is of great help, or at least deep breathing or relaxation exercises. By practicing calming the mind, guides will be able to be heard more easily. Sometimes people say: "But I asked my guides and I didn't get an answer! ". In this case, I tell them that it is probably not the right timing to receive it or that it is up to them to find the answer within. Again guides do not live our lives for us and everything happens in divine timing.

When I do healing sessions for people, I often hear their guides or their angels asking me to convey this to them: "You can call on us, you can get in touch with us, we are always by your side". Often the soul knows that it has help and support, but the human spirit is too immersed in its daily struggles, and it forgets that it has spiritual help at hand. Guides are just waiting for us to ask them for help! They cannot act without first being asked. In other words, to receive a helping hand we must first ask for help, and then sometimes miracles might occur. And finally, interacting and getting in touch with our guides is good. But connecting with our soul or Higher self and our own light is way better. When we know that there is only one consciousness in the universe, and that everything is One, then we become aware that when we speak with guides, angels or any other entity guiding us, isn't it ultimately just an aspect of our Higher self that we interacting with? Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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