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All our retreats are currently in French.
If you are interested in attending our retreats in English please contact us.

Journey towards the self in Sacred Lands

June 20-25 and August 20-25, 2023

An initiatory journey in the heart of the sacred valley of Cathar region in the South of France and its mysteries. A journey towards the heart of the self...

The Heart of the Christ couple

July 15-20, 2023

A retreat alone or as a couple to reconnect with Unconditional Love and your inner couple.
Reconciling the Masculine and Feminine within, following the Christic path of the Heart.

Lac éloigné

The Alchemy of the Soul

September 19-24, 2023

A magical, transformational pilgrimage to the Heart of Being, an initiation to the mysteries that connect us to the Divine...

Inspired by Alchemy and the Mystery Schools.

“Simply Divine.”

I thank you again and again for meeting you.

I was fulfilled beyond my requests and my expectations. Your generosity is limitless. I was showered with gifts.

I really nourished my spirituality and reconnected with my divine part. I reconnected with the Masculine in me and felt a balance with the Feminine in me. I rediscovered the joy of living of my inner child.

Great ART!! Your professionalism is exemplary.

Everything was perfect, even the bond you created with each of us and the group itself.

I love you infinitely. »



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