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One of the biggest lie ever told (and taking our power back).

Saint Thomas was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. In the Gospel of John, Saint Thomas is mentioned as the “doubting Thomas” or the skeptic. We owe him the famous statement “I believe only when I see”. He didn’t believe in the resurrection of Christ and said: “Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails, and thrust my hand into his side, I will not believe." A few days later, Jesus came back to see his disciples, showed his hands to Thomas and invited him to touch his wounds. Saint Thomas then said: “My Lord and my God “. To which Jesus replied: “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

"The incredulity of Saint Thomas" - Caravaggio (1602)

This simple statement: “I believe only when I see” has become the leitmotiv for rational thinking and science as we know it today. This way of thinking is also in the continuity of the Age of Enlightenment's influence in the 18th century. At that time society came back to Reason and materialism as a way to balance out the omnipresent dogma and power of religion.

The problem today is that there are two polarities in our world: on one hand we still have religious dogma, and on the other we have scientific dogma. Which became for most of the Western world almost like a new religion. Since we have been deceived by religion, we seek for a meaning of life elsewhere and we thought science could answer all our questions. Science serves as a wonderful tool of observation and understanding of the material world. It serves us to improve our lives, health and overall makes life easier for us. But the problem with science is that generally speaking it has confined itself in a materialistic way of seeing the world. Anything that isn’t quantifiable or measurable materially does not have scientific value. So we have a medicine that sees the human body as a machine, and technology that is supposed to give a meaning to our lives and fill the void we feel inside of ourselves.

Nevertheless, there is a reality beyond our five senses: the spiritual and vibrational realities which form matter. Quantum physics studies show that everything is interconnected in the Universe; moreover they show the origin of life is Consciousness and thought and how it affects matter. In my humble opinion quantum physics is the future of science, it will allow to finally make the link between spirituality and science.

According to the recent works of the physician Nassim Haramein, the atomic structure is composed of 99,99% of space. Atoms form matter, so the fact is the material world is essentially composed of vacuum. Matter represents only 0.01%. Objects do not define space but it is space that defines the objects. He concludes that the vacuum is actually an extremely dense informational energy field which fills the vacuum. Our bodies, thoughts and environment are composed of subatomic particles. This information carries energy, they are waves that form matter and when they interact with one another they form the electromagnetic field all around us. Ultimately, they form the quantum unified field. So basically we are information in movement and this information circulates through the particles of the entire Universe. This is how we might explain telepathy for example.

Moreover, studies show that when we observe objects on a quantum level we modify them just by the simple fact we are observing them. A same particle can be in several places at the same time, or can present itself in different forms.

It is the observer; the “I” – through his intention, his consciousness – that determines the object and the observed reality.

In the end it is quantum physics that show us how our thoughts are creators, it is through our thoughts that we create matter and the reality we live in. As we are only One unified Consciousness we have the power to create individually an infinite numbers of possible realities.

And this is why I consider the statement “I believe only when I see” to be one of the biggest lies ever told to humanity. This belief alone has locked humanity in a sealed and deterministic way of thinking. If thoughts create reality, it means what I believe, I see. And not what I see, I believe. What I believe manifests through the Law of Attraction which is the fundamental Law of this Universe, a law based on mirroring in a holographic Universe.

The main problem with the Law of attraction is that if I hold on to a belief it will manifest in my reality. For example if I hold the belief of being a failure, the reality I will create for myself will prove to me that I am a failure. I will manifest the experiences and people who validate that belief. This will reinforce even more the belief that I am a failure. And this is where we end up caught in a vicious circle where our beliefs are reinforced through the experiences we project onto our reality, which reinforce the belief.

If I think a thought like “I’m a failure”, it’s like saying to the Universe “I am a failure”. That's the information I send out. And the Universe as a perfect mirror says: “Ok you are a failure. Here is proof you are!”.

If I believe that in order to survive and feed my family I need to get up every morning at 6 and go to a day job I hate for 8 hours, pay my taxes and try to content myself with what’s left of my money and my time, for the rest of my life…that’s the reality I will be creating for myself.

The belief “I believe only when I see” has trapped humanity in a state of powerlessness, servitude and fear. It basically boils down to the belief that things are the way they are and there’s nothing we can do about it. And the more I believe that to be true, the more I reinforce my experience of this belief.

So try it out! If we focus long enough on something we will see it appear repeatedly in our life. Let's focus everyday for a week, just a couple of minutes on one particular thing. For example sunflowers. It is very likely we start seeing sunflowers pop up into our reality! No matter how it manifests. Maybe we’ll see an image of a sunflower on an add…maybe we’ll drive past a sunflower field, maybe someone will bring us a flower bouquet with a sunflower in it…

I’d also invite you to take a look at the work of the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto if you haven’t yet. Emoto demonstrated the power of intention and vibration on water crystals. A group of approximately 2000 people focused on positive or negative intentions towards water samples. The result can be seen under the microscope within the structure of the crystal. He did the same with music, playing successively classical music or Heavy metal. Let’s not forget the human body is made of 60% of water, so what affects the water affects us!

He pushed it even further with rice samples that he put in two different containers. On one container he put a label that said “thank you” on the other “you fool”. He asked school children to pass each day in front of the containers and say out loud what was written on the labels. 30 days later, the container with the “thank you” label was intact; whereas the other that said “you fool” was completely rotten and molded.

Now is the time to become aware of this lie. Now is the time to take our power back as powerful and infinite creators of Life. We have the power to choose what we wish to believe and therefore manifest it in our lives. Do we prefer to believe that humanity is doomed because of all the violence and hatred we see in this world? Or do we prefer to believe that every human heart beats as One in love, connecting us to all living things in the Universe? The time has come, we are the ones defining the rules, we are the game changers, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for! Let’s change our beliefs and our thoughts and see the entire world shift radically before our eyes!

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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