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How to connect to nature spirits (Elementals)?

Updated: Apr 9

Discover how to connect with nature spirits, known as Elementals, in this insightful guide by Gabrielle Isis. Learn about finding the right environment, offering gifts, and practicing mindfulness to initiate contact. Explore methods to perceive these beings and engage in exchanges for mutual benefit. Embrace the joy and lightness they offer as you establish a connection with the guardians of Mother Earth.

Following the video and the article I did about Elementals, I had a lot of questions and requests on how to get in touch with these nature spirits.

So I'm going to explain a couple things to know if we want to have a better chance of making such extraordinary encounters.

Don’t worry if you are taken for crazy because you want to get in touch with these invisible beings, or are told that they don’t exist. Just don’t pay attention to what people say and follow your heart. Microbes are also invisible to the naked eye that does not mean they do not exist. They exist in a higher dimension than our three-dimensional reality, just adjust your perception and align your frequency with them and many things will be revealed.

The first thing to do when we want to connect with Elementals is to find the right place to initiate a contact. Obviously, the ideal is to go out into the wilderness to walk and find a spot using our intuition. If you live in the city and you want to connect with Elementals on your balcony, it is unlikely it will happen. Elementals can’t be found in places transformed by humans, but in a nature that has remained relatively wild and intact. We can also decide whether we want to connect with earth Elementals (gnomes, dwarves), fire Elementals (salamander), air Elementals (fairies, elves and sylphs) or water Elementals (Undines, nymphs, naiads or mermaids). In the case we choose a water Elemental we must of course find a spot with water.

Nature spirits like to receive little gifts, we can take some food with us as an offering: fresh fruits or vegetables, nuts, beans ... They also like crystals, we can bring them a small crystal quartz for example. They really like exchanging and sometimes they will ask for a service in exchange. For example, I was once asked by a tall fairy to bring a few drops of lavender essential oil in a glass container. That’s how I discovered that fairies love flower essences. They also asked me to energetically clean the forest I am connected with and where I regularly come to connect with them. Just cleaning up after human passage.

Discover how to connect with nature spirits, known as Elementals, in this insightful guide by Gabrielle Isis. Learn about finding the right environment, offering gifts, and practicing mindfulness to initiate contact. Explore methods to perceive these beings and engage in exchanges for mutual benefit. Embrace the joy and lightness they offer as you establish a connection with the guardians of Mother Earth.

Another thing that will help us to get in touch with them is to show our interest in nature and the environment. For example: picking up trash on the walk along, gardening, planting trees or volunteering in the field of ecology or animals.

And of course the more we are in contact with our inner child and connected to our heart, the more likely they are to connect with us. They come more naturally to pure-hearted people who have kept their inner child alive, because this child-like joy is in direct resonance with them.

Once we have found the right place, we ask permission to settle for a while. Do not hesitate to come back to the same place several times so they can get used to you and your energy. They showed me how they perceive their world, which I recall is in a higher dimension than our material reality. Their world is very colorful and vibrant and it is superimposed on our reality as we perceive it, almost like a filter or a layer over it. When a human passes through their territory, they perceive us most of the time as a gray aura or a gray form. This shows how much there is a vibrational difference between us, it is the density and the heaviness that we experience in the human world that makes them perceive us like that.

Once we settle down in the chosen place, the first thing to do is to become aware of our environment and purify our thoughts. We can sit at least 5 minutes (but do not hesitate to do it as long as you want) and practice mindfulness meditation. First becoming aware of our breathing and inhaling and exhaling deeply. Then becoming aware of the sounds around us, the birds, the crunches, the wind. Then we become aware of the sensation of sitting on the ground on a physical level, or touching the ground with our hand. Become aware of the breeze on the skin, the smells, etc. This will help us connect and be fully present to our environment, while at the same time detaching ourselves from our daily stream of thoughts and mental pollution.

There are several means by which we can perceive nature spirits: clairvoyant people will see them with their eyes open, we can see them in internal vision with our eyes closed, we can feel them, we can hear them speak to us (clairaudience) and we can also have fun and feel them energetically with our hands. There is often near a special rock or a standing stone, a guardian in front of it. We can pass our hand around the rock at about 3 or 4 feet (1 meter), when we feel a tingling in our hand and a resistance in the hand, it is proof there is a being there.

You can also ask them for a clear manifestation, I remember my first direct contact with the fairies as an adult a few years ago. I was in Cappadocia in Turkey, in a place called the “Fairy chimneys” where there are very particular rock formations. I was sitting in meditation between two rock walls, so there was no wind at all. I mentally asked the fairies to come forward to me and show me proof of their existence. Ten seconds later I saw and felt a strand of my hair move up and caress my cheek, as if someone had just raised the strand of hair. So that day I had the certainty of their existence. We can also ask a little fairy to come and rest on our shoulder and pass our hand to feel her. Sometimes I see luminous forms move around with my eyes open: yellow, green, blue or pink. Sometimes it's just a spark of light, so then I know that it’s the fairies that manifest themselves to me and hover around.

It is easier for most of us to perceive them with our inner vision, provided we are in a state of total receptivity, without expectations or projections. Sometimes there are debates about the way they look, some say they look rather like this or rather like that. In fact Elementals are multidimensional beings, beings of light, they can choose to be pure vibration and light as they can choose to densify themselves. That's why they can actually take the form they want. But they will most often manifest themselves in a form familiar to us so that we can recognize them, or in a form that is imprinted in our memory or our unconscious. For example, if for me a fairy looks like Disney’s Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, well chances are that I perceive her that way. If we think that elves have pointy shoes and stripey socks, we will perceive them that way as well.

Once the contact is initiated, we can feel their light vibration and child-like joy. It is also possible to do a work with them, always in exchange of something. For example the fairies are very light and joyful, they are connected to the joy of the heart. So we can ask them to help us do some work regarding the heart, inviting them to enter our hearts. Air Elementals such as fairies and elves are masters of manifestation, and we may ask them to teach us the art of manifestation and creation. Elves take care of the creation of plants on the etheric level blueprint. They are great for artistic inspiration too and to be taught about plants, especially flowers. Fire Elementals, salamanders, can help us learn alchemy; the salamander is one of the symbols of alchemists. Water Elementals are very good for therapeutic work regarding emotions, it is very powerful! Earth Elementals can teach us about minerals and crystals, plants or how to care of animals.

We can also invite them to spend time in our house; they are very respectful and will never enter unless they are invited. I have seen Elementals stick to the windows of the house when we do a ceremony, sing or play music indoors; they are attracted to these kinds of activities. Since they are very respectful they ask us to be respectful of their habitat in return. And it is not just about throwing trash in nature. They asked me to tell people this: people who come to settle down for the night to connect with them or to enter their dimension during their dream in places where they know they live; such as rocks, for example... Well it’s not necessarily something they appreciate. In the same way that we do not enter a stranger’s house to settle for the night without worrying whether we are disturbing or not, we do not do that with Elementals either because it is very intrusive for them. So our vibration is not always welcome to stay on the long term where they live because they might perceive us as a foreign body.

Actually they scan us energetically before we even arrive on their territory, so they know exactly who we are before we arrive. It goes without saying that the more we connect to our heart and our light, the more we raise our vibration and the more we are "pure" and free of toxicity on a physical, mental, energy and emotional level, the more chances we have to perceive them, feel them and connect with them.

They are very happy to connect with human beings who have pure intentions and to share with us some of their joy and lightness, which we sometimes very much need in our heavy and dense human lives. As I said in my previous article, long ago humans and Elementals had much more contact, because the reality was less dense than it is today. These include sorcerers / witches, druids and shamans, who still today have often kept this privileged contact and partnership with them. As the earth is ascending to the 5th dimension, as we reconnect to our bodies of light and activate our crystal DNA we will be able to perceive them better and better. The interdimensional portals of Gaia are being reactivated and reconnected all around the planet right now.

So I hope you will have a good time in their presence, feeling the joy and gratitude to connect with these guardians/spirits of Mother Earth who have so much to bring and teach us.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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