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The Witch Karma

Updated: Apr 9

Delve into the intricate history and misunderstood power of the feminine through the lens of witchcraft. Gabrielle Isis explores the collective karma surrounding women, witches, and the Divine Feminine, inviting readers to honor and embrace feminine energy while releasing past traumas. Join in a prayer of liberation and reconnect with the sacred sisterhood.

For millennial, the power of the feminine has been wiped out, crushed and sacrificed by a dominating masculine terrorized by the consequences and implications of such a great power.

During the end of this summer, resonating with my personal experience, I felt a deep calling to release this collective karma related to women and especially women related to the figure of the witch. And what better timing than this autumn period when Halloween is coming up to evoke this subject?

What is a witch?

This word alone, immediately relates to darkness, something demonic, evil, or even ugliness. It is in any case what resonates in the collective unconscious on this subject. What we have called witches throughout the ages are mostly women who dedicated their lives to the exploration of the mysteries of the feminine. They established a link and a bridge between the physical world and the invisible worlds. They were mostly healers who had a deep knowledge of the plant realm and would gather plants to prepare remedies, ointments and anointing oils to cure physical ailments and soul wounds. They often had psychic abilities that served them to see beyond the veil and travel between the worlds. In my opinion, the witch on her broom is a metaphor for astral journey and the capacity these women had to navigate between the dimensions.

But beyond that, they were mainly women who fully embodied their feminine power, their sensuality and their sexuality. It is the famous Sabbath of witches, which again is a pagan tradition that has been demonized by the Church. The God Pan and the ceremony dedicated to nature and fertility became an orgiastic ritual dedicated to the Horned Devil. During these rituals, which probably originated in distant shamanic cultures, it was common to wear a mask and dress up as an animal to celebrate nature. It was also common to consume plant potions, mostly hallucinogens, which brought trance. Participants engaged in ecstatic dances and celebrated fertility by occasionally having sex. The Church has qualified these ancient practices as obscenities that could only stem from the Devil, especially if these participants were women.

Because of all of this, these free and instinctive women represented a threat to the masculine. So the masculine decided to crush them or just simply get rid of them altogether. If these women had the misfortune of being beautiful, they were considered the incarnation of the Devil himself, temptresses or sinners. This is why for centuries these women have been persecuted, tortured, raped, abused, burned, drowned ... in short they have been victims of a great witch hunt throughout the centuries. Nowadays we still use the term "witch hunt" to describe people who are being persecuted or hunt down.

Today many of us are carrying these karmic memories of persecuted witches, whether we are man or woman. The resonance of these memories is probably stronger in today's women because we are currently living the return of the Divine Feminine (I will soon talk about it in another article, so I will not develop here). We are many women carrying these memories, we are afraid of embodying our full feminine power. We are mirroring the fear the masculine holds regarding this power. We are afraid of this power because we would feel threatened if we embodied it or if we used it, often this is totally unconscious. There is also the whole archetype of the enchantress, the woman who uses her feminine powers, her sensuality, her voice and music to seduce men and control them for her own benefit. The mermaid will attract the sailor with her beautiful voice and then drag him into the depths of the ocean. The witch will seize the soul of man through her magic or possess him, the nymph or the fairy will seduce men and draw them on the other side of the dimensional portals never to be seen again. Here too we are afraid to expand all our creative force, and creativity is linked to femininity, because we unconsciously believe that this leads to destruction and therefore our own destruction. Moreover, we are afraid to express all of our sensuality because we might become a prey or a prostitute in the eyes of the Masculine.

Nevertheless, some of us have also made some pacts in our past lives with the dark side of the Force. In those cases instead of being the healer witch, we actually became the evil witch, using black magic to gain more power and serve our dark purpose. Other times, the sensual woman became the seductress, the woman who seduces and becomes the octopus that manipulates and encircles the man until it suffocates.

Today it is still evident that the feminine power is frightening, we only need to look at where most religions are on this subject. And even in secular societies it is still very present in the collective unconscious. That is why it is important today to free this witch karma, learn to honor our femininity and the mysteries that it is made of. It’s important to connect with our femininity without being the victim but without becoming the seductress, the castrator, the dominatrix or the controlling woman either.

It also seems important to me to honor and celebrate our sisterhood, because the Masculine has divided to rule. Women have been competing with each other : who will be the most beautiful, the most virtuous, the best wife, the best mother ? Women have become rivals. Let us reform circle of women during the moon phases and honor our sisterhood. Let us reconnect with the cycles of life and nature which are naturally connected to women's cycles.

I felt the call of our sisters to be freed, while writing this article I began to feel very emotional, many memories are being released right now, many souls of witches are still trapped in suffering (incarnated or not) and continue to bear this heavy burden of the past, I can feel them near me ...

I invite you to join in this little prayer of liberation by connecting to your heart, if you are a women you can place your left hand on your heart and if you are a man your right hand:

May all women, witches, healers, shamans drop their pain in this moment.

May the light of peace enlighten every one of their souls so that they may ascend to the light.

May forgiveness be granted to the Masculine in pain, who perpetrated all these acts in the name of an illusory domination.

May all of these women be forgiven, forgive themselves and forgive their perpetrators.

May the information and memories of pain and persecution contained in every cell of the Feminine be cleansed and transmuted by the fire that once served destruction. May this fire become liberating again.

May all these women rise up again and embody the Great Feminine in all her power.

May all women be free to express their feminine, creative, sensual and mysterious power.

May this healing and loving Feminine help to elevate and support the great transformation of the planet.

May all of these women reconnect to the Great Goddess, to Mother earth and continue to work together hand in hand.

And so it is.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you...

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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