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The Divine Masculine: from Shadow to Light.

Updated: Apr 9

Discover the healing process of the Divine Masculine, the importance of balance between the Masculine and Feminine, and the need for men to reconnect with their emotions. Learn how the Divine Masculine supports the Feminine and the invitation for men to heal their wounds.

Last October, I wrote an article entitled "The Witch Karma" to talk about one of the aspects of the oppressed Feminine. I will also write an article to talk about other aspects of the Divine Feminine. But here I will address a subject that is less spoken about, the Divine Masculine. The Divine Masculine is also in a great healing process right now. When I connected to the collective Masculine energy I felt a lot of pain, sadness, heaviness and guilt.

I will discuss what the Divine Masculine is in its luminous aspect and also the shadow side that the Masculine has carried for millennia.

For about 8,000 years, humanity has moved into patriarchy, this means that men have taken power over women and through this domination, the Masculine has revealed its deepest shadow side. It was not always so, before the patriachy there was a sort of matriachy on earth. Let’s not forget everything is cyclical. Matriarchy was primarily based on the worshipping of the Goddess creator from which all life originates and the respect of nature’s laws. At that time women had a superior influence over men and were the decision-making authority. Even though it was harmonious in the first place, the matriarchy also revealed its shadow side. Men ended up being considered like stallions, genitors made to procreate and give the best descendance possible. Men were not slaves but they accomplished many physical tasks.

Since the law of the Universe is a law of balance, about 8000 years ago, there was a changeover and men rebelled. They realized their physical strength was superior to women, so they took the power by force. Since then, men have dominated the world but through the dark side of the Masculine ego : violence, war, the pursuit of power and material wealth. And so they made of women inferior beings, domestic slaves, breeders and sexual preys.

Today we are witnessing yet again a turnaround, the earth is experiencing a spiritual awakening and this awakening is mainly guided by women. They are bringing forth feminine values ​​such as heart-centeredness, gentleness, compassion and love. This is why we are talking about the return of the Divine Feminine, the return of the Goddess. We are not going to switch to another matriarchy, the Divine Feminine is back to free herself and heal herself and here to help the Masculine heal as well. So that there can finally be a balance between these two polarities. This balance is to be found in each and everyone of us, between our feminine and our masculine aspect, between our left and our right brain. Because the Ascension and the awakening of the planet happens through us.

The return of the Divine Feminine and the gradual death of the dominant Masculine that we are witnessing, raises many questions for today’s men. Actually men do not really know who they are or what to do anymore. As if they helplessly watched the loss of their identity. Not only that, but many carry often unconsciously, the generational burden of the male domination and therefore a lot of guilt. They see women coming together, forming circles, supporting each other and sometimes they feel excluded from it all. At home, outside of work, they do not really know what role to play with their wives and children anymore. This loss of the masculine identity is also largely due to the fact that there are few, if not any, role-models for the Divine Masculine in our society. Fathers and grandfathers carry the conditioning and wounds of the patriarchy, men of power are questioned or even dismissed. Only remain examples of spiritual masters or great kings who have come throughout the centuries to anchor the energy of the Divine Masculine on the planet: Osiris, Yeshua, King Solomon, Buddha, Melchizedech ...

Men ask themselves what it is to be a man in the end? And what does society say about being a man? Does being a man mean having big muscles? Does it mean having a big bank account? Is it providing for the family? Is it having a career?

All of this brings us back to the ultimate question: what is the Divine Masculine?

The Divine Masculine is verticality, the link between Heaven and Earth. The Masculine is connected to the sun, to the fire and air elements. The Masculine is movement and action and at the same time the Masculine is a pillar deeply rooted into the Earth. The Feminine is fluctuating and unstable, the Masculine is stability, it is this pillar that the Feminine needs. The Feminine is the little butterfly flying around, the Masculine is the branch to land on. The Feminine is creation and the unmanifested, the Masculine takes all of that and manifests it, shapes it into the material world. The Masculine is a builder and an entrepreneur, it mentalizes, gives form to ideas and structures them. The Divine Masculine is related to knowledge, wisdom, protection, courage, security, encouragement, physical strength, responsibility, decision making. The Divine Masculine is a warrior but a peaceful warrior who has made peace with his pain and his desires for power and goes on a quest for Love instead. The Divine Masculine is chivalry, it is the troubadours and the court of love ...

I could of course continue but I would like to come back to today's men. I see that things are shifting for men right now and we can only celebrate. To schematize, there are currently two types of men in society: those who are too much on the masculine side and who are thus cut off from their emotions, their intuitive part, their spirituality and function with the mind, logic and concrete. And those who are too much on the feminine side : they are very sensitive and have often difficulty growing up, maturing, finding reference points, taking responsibility and remain little boys (wounded children) looking for mommies.

A couple of years ago when one attended a spiritual/self-help conference or workshop the participants were 99% women. And the remaining 1% of men were often dragged along by force by their woman! Nowadays, men are taking more and more the initiative to do a real work on themselves, on their childhood wounds and begin a spiritual path. One of the main problems for men in our society is that they have been conditioned not to show their emotions. Because in our society emotion is vulnerability and vulnerability means weakness. In our society it is not tolerated to show any weakness, because it’s very much a "sink or swim" mentality.

I see more and more men coming out of these patterns, daring to reveal themselves and be vulnerable. During the last workshop I organized last year we had very beautiful examples of men opening up to their vulnerability and at the same time act as pillars, grounding the energy of the entire group by their presence. It was beautiful to see!

Besides that we also see now in the spiritual communities, men who have opened up, have done the workshops, know the self-help books by heart, honour the feminine within them but have gone too far to their feminine side. They live in their imagination, let themselves be carried by the wind, dream about their life, play the guitar all day and forget to ground themselves and build their life. And women are puzzled because what they want are men that are balanced and grounded in their Masculine. Then men no longer understand and say: "But you said you wanted men to embrace their feminine and open up to their sensitivity ! And now that you have it you want a real man again! What do you want in the end?". Once again everything is a question of balance, every individual heals his inner feminine and his inner masculine to find harmony and balance between the two. There is not only one model of man or one model of woman, we all explore certain aspects of the feminine and the masculine. I’m really speaking about the aspects of the self that are suppressed and which need to be healed and intergrated back.

Men should gather together again, form circles of men, open up to each other, perform rituals together, reconnect with the brotherhood ... In traditional societies there are rites of passage to adulthood, rites of passage to become a man. It is possible to find that again.

The Divine Masculine holds space for the Feminine to open up and blossom so that the Feminine can become what she truly is about. The Feminine invites the Masculine to lay down arms and pain and guides it to reconnect with the heart so that the two hearts can unite again as One in eternal Love.

And I think I can say in the name of women, that the Feminine is only waiting for you, dear men, to heal this wounded Masculine.

We wish to see you stand up again in your greatness and in your nobleness. We need you ! The Feminine is waiting for you to radiate the sacred fire of your solar plexus, to unite yourself to the sacred heart of the Feminine. The Feminine is waiting for you to start moving, assisting, supporting the Feminine who is giving birth to this new heart-centered humanity. So that our children can live harmoniously and dance freely in their joy and their spontaneity, fruits of this union of hearts.

Some of you may ask why I'm not doing a prayer to heal the wounded Masculine (as I did in "The Witch Karma") but I don't program things in advance I let myself be guided with what happens in the moment. So nothing came to me as a prayer, but while I was writing this article (I usually listen to classical music when I write, I put something on youtube) youtube randomly jumped to Prokofiev's "The dance of the Knights". I thought that the vibration of this music just fitted perfectly with the subject. So I invite you to listen to this music and go within to feel what it evokes to you regarding the Masculine.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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