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What food/diet for what vibration? Omnivorism, vegetarianism, veganism, breatharianism.

In this article I will talk about diet, the different kinds of diets and foods that exist and the link with food and the vibration associated with it.

Everything is vibration, everything is energy, and our body is a biological entity that vibrates at a certain frequency. When we begin to wake up, when we begin a spiritual path that involves many shifts of consciousness, our vibration also shifts.

This is why we suddenly feel more attracted to certain foods and repelled by others, we tend to change our diet or at least adapt it.

As everything is vibration, the food we ingest has a direct impact on our body and our vibration.

How do we know which diet is the most appropriate for us?

First, it is important to note that the main cause for the success of junk food, obesity and physical illness (other than agribusiness and advertising) is largely due to the fact that most human beings are completely disconnected from their bodies, and therefore from its natural needs. Most people do not eat to feed their bodies, most people use food to meet mental and emotional needs, or to fill a void inside. We eat with our emotions and our thoughts. It's enough to see what kind of food we throw into our mouths when we're going through difficult emotions. We all experienced a heartbreak or difficult emotional states that make us pounce on sugar or chocolate, or we eat nothing at all. It's an extreme response, to an extreme emotion.

The emotions themselves carry a certain frequency that will make us lean towards foods that are a vibrational match to these emotions. So when we experience emotions that vibrate low we will be attracted by foods that are on the same vibratory level. Same for thoughts, when we have a lot of negative thoughts we will be attracted like a magnet by food in accordance with negative thoughts.

The foods that attract us are in fact a good vibrational compass, to know where we are on the vibratory scale. Obviously, vibrations, like thoughts and emotions, fluctuate all the time, the thing is to manage to find a balance.

Contrary to what most people think, it's hard to increase our vibration by just changing our diet. As I said before, we are naturally attracted by what is energetically aligned with us, if we force ourselves to have a "pure" diet, without working on ourselves, on our emotions, our thoughts, our wounds, it will be much more difficult to maintain ourselves. Let us not forget that we are about 90% led by our unconscious, if we do not bring out what is unconscious to consciousness, we will soon feel a certain schizophrenia and a struggle in our eating habits. It is by working on ourselves that we naturally reconnect with our body and we are no longer a slave to our emotions and thoughts. So we feed our body with what it really needs to function on top level.

I am going to make an inventory of the various foods in connection with their vibration. I will not put these foods in any particular order, but I will start with the lowest vibrational food and then the food that vibrates the highest.

Among the foods at the bottom of the vibratory scale, we find of course all industrial and chemical foods:

- refined sugars

- animal products: animals have a conscience, they have the same emotions as we do, when raising animals industrially they are completely traumatized. From breeding to slaughter, they suffer, they are in fear, and all these emotions are found on a cellular level in their flesh that we then ingest. When we eat industrial meat, we basically eat fear and pain. Same for dairy products, babies are taken away from mothers shortly after birth to take their milk. What does a mother feel when her baby is taken away? Loss-related suffering, anxiety. This too is found in the milk that we ingest. In addition these animals are stuffed with antibiotics that have repercussions our bodies and they become resistant to diseases. Just like farmed fish, and wild fish that are increasingly filled with mercury because of the pollution of the seas. It is now proven that overconsumption of animal products is responsible for cardiovascular diseases, cancers, inflammatory conditions, osteoporosis ...

- processed foods

- non-organic fruits and vegetables: filled with pesticides, fungicides they have absolutely no nutritional value (and no taste) apart from saturating the body with these chemicals that accumulate in the body. Nutrients are found in soils and are absorbed by plants. Killing all the microorganisms that feed the soil and plants, results in a plant filled with chemistry and devoid of nutrients, essential to our health and the proper functioning of the immune system. The link between cancer, leucemia and pesticides are now proven.

- sodas and energy drinks

- artificial sweeteners: like aspartame, they are even worse than refined sugar, they are chemical components that attack the brain directly.

- Fats rich in saturated and trans fatty acids: like palm oil, animal fats.

- Alcohol: alcohol is a drink that vibrates very low. I realized it personally, over the years, the more I raised my vibration, the less I endured alcohol. Though when I was younger I held it very well (probably my Slavic genes). Today I can hardly drink any more, it is impossible for me to drink more than a few sips of wine while eating for example. The effect on my body is immediate: I feel tired, I want to sleep, I feel my vibration tumble. I will have the opportunity to talk about alcohol again in another article I think.

- White flours: not many nutritional values, they are poorly assimilated by our body, overconsumption of gluten has an impact on our digestive system.

On the other side of the vibrational scale, among the highest energy foods we can find:

  • organic fruits and vegetables

  • seeds and nuts

  • legumes

  • whole grains

  • old varieties of flour : such as einkorn for example (low in gluten).

  • Aromatic plants

  • Seaweed

  • Germinated seeds

  • Organic vegetable virgin oils

We share as humans 98.5% of our genetic heritage with chimpanzees. In fact, our hominid ancestors were pickers, not hunter-gatherers. Ideally, our diet should be very similar to the monkey diet. It is made of fruits, seeds, nuts, and roots. Moreover, fruits have one of the highest vibration because many of them grow on trees (link sky/earth). Our body is made of organs similar to herbivores and frugivores (small intestines and therefore slow digestion, molars to chew, absence of sharp canines or claws). The idea that we must eat animal products for their proteins, for our growth and to make us strong is a lie invented by food lobbies. Proteins are found in all foods, the animals feed themselves on proteins and nutrients found naturally in plants, so why use another living being as a protein and nutrient filter?

The natural evolution of humanity leans indisputably towards the diminution or the suppression of animal products. As our awareness expands, we reconnect with our body and our environment, and experience more compassion for the living, and so we change our diet. As Einstein, who was himself a vegetarian said: " Nothing will benefit health or increase chances of survival on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

Humanity is evolving towards a vegetarian diet, then to veganism, then towards raw veganism, then towards liquids and ultimately breatharianism, it will not be necessary for human beings to eat anymore. Today there are about 30,000 people on earth who have stopped eating altogether. I have often been asked what I think of breatharianism, my opinion is the following. Breatharianism is about feeding the light body, this means it feeds only on prana or chi, the energy present everywhere inside us and around us. The body no longer needs to draw its energy from food. In 30 to 40 years, many humans will have reached this state.

But today many people are not ready yet. There is currently a trend for breatharianism in spiritual communities. I will say this: breatharianism more than any other diet can not be forced on to the body, in other words it is not a mental process. The mind that becomes the spiritual ego wants to become breatharian because it thinks that it will become a more spiritually evolved or higher spiritual being. We can not force our body because our mind has decided. This is true for any other kind of diet. It is a process, a natural evolution that we must first feel in our body and not in our mind. For my part, I sometimes go through phases where I feel less the need to eat, where I replace solids with liquids, I just listen to my body. And then other phases where I feel the need to eat heavier foods. Everything is a question of balance and listening to the body !

When we see angry vegans, very judgmental towards carnivores and attacking them, they are in fact aligning themselves vibrationally with the angry meat eaters. Because it's the mind that has taken over.

In the same way, we see a lot of vegetarian or vegan "spiritual" people who are hovering two hundred meters above the ground, in which case I would rather recommend them to eat a little meat from time to time, because it is a food that grounds the body.

Dietary changes are largely related to the vibrational changes that take place in our physical bodies and subtle bodies. The more we release the emotional burdens, the limiting beliefs, the more we align ourselves with our higher self, the more we shift to higher levels of consciousness, the more our vibration increases and so our diet naturally aligns with that.

But our food does not determine our spiritual level, we can have reached a high vibration and eat anything occasionally because everything is transmutable, it depends on our beliefs.

However today there is an urgency. It has become a necessity to treat the living with compassion and love and that means abandoning productivist agriculture that pollutes, causes deforestation of the planet and poisons us. We must let go of the meat industry, which is a real holocaust, billions of animals are exterminated every year and it makes our planet and our bodies sick. We can't call ourselves "civilized" as long as we allow this massacre to occur.

We must return to a reasoned agriculture that respects the living.

Everyone is different, we all have different genes and metabolisms, so we all have a different diet that is unique to our metabolism and our unique vibration. It's about finding that balance within us, and what's right for us.

I have been primarly a vegetarian for almost ten years, now my base diet is vegan because I feel better this way. But that does not stop me from occasionally eating dairy (goat and sheep based), fish or poultry (if I know where it comes from) when I go at a restaurant or if I'm invited (which in theory makes me a flexitarian). I am not for extremes and I do not feel guilty when I do so. I simply connect to the soul of the animal and thank the animal as they still do in native societies when they go hunting or fishing. When we find a spiritual connection with our food, it becomes more beneficial for our bodies, it’s all a matter of intention in the end.

In conclusion, let’s not forget that before we all become breatharians, we have come here to planet earth in material bodies to experience food and eating which is one of the pleasures of the incarnation. So let’s not forget to enjoy eating too, while at the same time being compassionate and respectful of the living !

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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