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The Fear of the Unknown.

Updated: Apr 8

These past months have been favorable for a profound transformation. During this period of great change we are experiencing a disintegration of the structures of the ego. We go through very uncomfortable phases emotionally, the feeling of dying, then giving birth, then dying and giving birth again.

When we dive deep into the structures of our human identity, we also go into our deepest fears so that they can be released.

I pinpointed a particular fear that prevents many us from moving forward, it was time to address that fear: the fear of the unknown.

The fear of the unknown is the fear of taking unknown paths because we fear that there will be negative consequences. We prefer to stay in our comfort zone in known terrority. The problem is that by doing that, we can feel a certain security, but this does not lead to any expansion and we end up going in circles.

 I dove into the source of this fear. Sometimes I ask my inner child to show me. I was first shown a happy baby. A baby is not afraid of the unknown, on the contrary, a baby is in a state of completely receptivity of life and marvels at all new things he discovers, all the aspects which compose our earthly world. The exploration of life and the unknown is a game for the baby.

A memory from childhood then popped into my awareness. I was 5 or 6 years old and I was with my family, cousins, brother and maybe other kids in a botanical garden. This garden was beautiful with lots of exotic plants and lots of little paths to take. I decided to take the lead of the group and lead all the other children in the exploration of this garden, without the adults. The paths formed like a labyrinth and we explored everything we could. As we arrived at the ends of this garden, it was time to turn back. But I did not want to go through the same paths to return. That was too easy ! I wanted to explore unknown paths again, so I continued to guide the group of children through other trails that we had not taken yet, and we got almost lost. But by the time we felt lost, I did not lose my temper and continued to walk, confident that I would eventually find the exit. Of course it took longer than expected to come back and the adults had started to worry. But we finally made it.

What I learned by reliving this memory is that as a child too, I was not afraid of the unknown, on the contrary the unknown stimulated me to go explore ever more. The adventure that it represented was very exciting! I was not afraid to make a mistake or lose myself, I was always confident that the unknown would bring me back safely and that the challenge was precisely to let me be guided by my intuition and sense of direction.

As we grow up, the challenges of life start accumulating and we end up developping this fear of the unknown, because we have been disppointed or traumatized and we don’t want to experience it anymore. So we overprotect ourselves, we close doors, we give up some opportunities, we end up living day after day in a boring routine, just so that nothing negative happens to us anymore. It's the beginning of stagnation and boredom and boredom leads to death.

Death and rebirth are part of the natural cycles of life, and not only crystallized in the fall and spring. This dance is constant. Letting the old die so that the new can come in. On each exhale we die, on each inhale we are reborn in every moment. In every moment we transform ourselves and we become someone else in a new reality. By integrating this fundamental process of life, we allow ourselves to be guided by Life, guided by the Universe, which will lead us step by step on the safe path of home coming, precisely through the exploration of the unknown, through the exploration of all possible paths that are open for us to take.

Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

Explore the journey of overcoming the fear of the unknown and embracing transformation in this insightful article by Gabrielle Isis. Through personal reflection and childhood memories, discover how confronting this fear can lead to growth and empowerment. Dive into the depths of self-discovery and navigate the uncharted paths with confidence. Sat Nam. Learn more at

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