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Energy forecast for 2019: what can we expect this year?

Updated: Apr 9

Embark on a journey of expansion and authenticity in 2019. This year, lightworkers will experience massive heart and light body activations, leading to increased love, light, and alignment in thoughts, words, and actions. As spirituality and personal development flourish, guides will support global changes. Stay grounded and join forces with your tribe.

First of all, best wishes to all of you for 2019! ✨🌟 We have now closed the door on the year 2018, which for many of us has been an intense year on an emotional, healing and transformational level. The year 2018 led us to get rid of things that hindered us on our path, and this sometimes manifested itself with the pain of seeing things that we thought were granted disappear or come to an end. The initiation of 2018 was to learn to let go of the external conditions of our existence and to concentrate on our interior and the healing that took place there, mainly through grief. As I said at the time of the eclipses and the Lion Gate in August, there is a launch pad waiting for us in 2019, to which the eclipses from last summer prepared us for. This launching pad is the takeoff to an expansion phase that many of us will experience in 2019. At least for all those who did the work that was required in 2018. This is a new door opening on a new energy. This new door opened on January 5th with the solar eclipse in Capricorn and the new moon, the energy will rise crescendo and in the spring it will activate even more so. I personally consider the real new year begins in spring, which was the case before (the Romans and their Julian calendar are to blame for this change). Each path of evolution is unique and personal; the messages contained here speak of general tendencies (hence the use of the word "forecast" and not "predictions” because nothing is chiseled in stone). See and feel where you are on your path and take what resonates for you and leave what doesn't.

This phase of expansion I’m speaking of concerns the lightworkers who for many years have worked on themselves relentlessly, freeing their being and their family lineages and thus contributing to help the planet to free itself from the old dark patterns. Even if our path of evolution does not stop here, 2019 is the year when all that we have accumulated during all these years will be able to be manifested into the world. Even only a few years ago, when we were in the spiritual or in the self-help field we almost had to hide ourselves. Because there was so much judgment from society on these subjects. Not even mentioning many “conspiracy theories” that were always ridiculed, many are starting to be exposed as being true presently.

All of this will begin to change, as the world begins a radical shift, spirituality and personal development will flourish and many people will turn to these alternative possibilities. That's why as guides we have a role to play in supporting these changes, that’s what we've been prepared for for all these past years. The main message I received for this year 2019 (first in a dream, then in meditation) is the massive activation of the heart of the lightworkers and the activation of the light body, which is the one of the 5th dimension. More and more of us will be led to simply radiate love at the level of the heart, and light at the level of our body. This has a considerable impact on everything we touch and where we set our attention on.

For example, just stepping into a charged room will sweep away all the darkness that is there. There is also the possibility of traveling with our consciousness and our light bodies in remote places, to diffuse the light (for example demonstrations and conflicts). We do not need to be physically present, but our physical presence also has a big impact on people in our space, this happens on a vibrational and unconscious level. The only condition is to be well grounded in our body and balance the higher chakras with the lower chakras! This new dimension of being and radiance that we are going to experience will also lead us to align ourselves in more authenticity. Which means to be in alignment with what we think, what we say and what we do. The famous congruence! This alignment is the keystone of our destiny, whether personal or collective. I have been clearly shown that everything will be amplified in 2019 and onward, and so anything that is not aligned in this authenticity, this congruence, will have an immediate magnifying effect and impact on us. I also think of the fall of the gurus, spiritual leaders and other avatars. A good example is the dismissal of John of God at the end of the year 2018. This sends a clear signal to the spiritual community: if you want to guide humanity towards the New, you must first put your own house in order. The truth will continue to come out in 2019, Jupiter has gone from Scorpio to Sagittarius and these are two signs in search of Truth. What is going to come out in a near future is the child sex trafficking and child sex slavery in the high ranks of power and showbiz. I have already spoken in the past of these two worlds separating, like two continents drawing apart representing the old world and the new. In 2019, this split will be radical. On one side there will be the people who are in love and on the other those who are in fear. We are the first wave of Ascension and we are showing the way for the next two waves of Ascension by anchoring the energy of the New Earth. For those who still feel in between, 2019 will be the opportunity to position themselves, because the hesitation will no longer be possible. The second wave of Awakening has already begun and it is massive, it will continue to grow. The yellow vests movement that started in France is part of this wave. Unlike the awakening of the first wave that took place marginally and therefore almost isolated from society, the second wave of awakening occurs in a violent and direct confrontation with the system that will lead to the dismantling of it. This will happen during many very chaotic years ahead of us and it will spread across many countries. France has a kind of rebel leader role for this awakening of the masses, where it sets the example and other countries will follow. I'm someone who can't stand violence (even on film) but unfortunately it is impossible to dismantle a system that is so anchored in our world without any violence.

The yellow vests movement will continue and it will rise crescendo. Probably by the end of March and in April it will expand and spread further to other European countries, eventually it will hit the US. Regarding this famous economic crisis, I just saw black, like a blackout, which reminded me of the famous Black Tuesday of the 1929 crisis. 1929-2019? Who knows? ... Agitation on the markets might begin in the summer and in the beginning of September, I don’t know what's going to happen but I have the feeling that it will not be a calm period. All that will happen in 2019 is preparing the energy for the 2020 energy peak. The triple conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn will bring radical changes on an economic, political and society level. The world will be shaken! Concerning climate and weather, it will be a perfect mirror of what is happening on earth, a lot of unpredictability, chaotic weather and geological events.

I have seen gatherings of people, circles around fires, ceremonies. Gaia needs us and it is important to meet together to celebrate the earth and show our presence. All group activities will be enhanced this year, it’s no more time to stay isolated on our spiritual journey. We needed it until now because we were in a process of purification and introspection in recent years, but now it's time to join forces together. It's time to find our tribe, our soul group, people with whom we are naturally in affinity. It is time to be supportive, and help one another. Many souls will pass into the 5th dimension in 2019. I also spoke previously about it. The 5th dimension is not traveling to another plane of existence and leaving the 3rd dimension behind us. All these dimensions will continue to coexist for some time. We will continue to perceive these different dimensions, while not being affected by them. Entering the 4th and 5th dimension is a progressive process, and there’s a lot of going back and forth.

How do we know we are in the 5th dimension?

We have lost the need to control our lives, we live from our heart and our Faith, and therefore everything that happens in our reality is governed by perfect synchronicities. Abundance is present without the need to think about it, everything we need, when we need it, comes to us effortlessly. Human relationships are authentic and heart-centered; there is no more a battle of egos but a connection between souls that nourishes us deeply. We feel very connected to Nature, to the Cosmos, to the Whole and this fulfills us and fills us with joy and peace. So I wish you a wonderful year 2019, full of expansion in love, in light, in peace and in joy. Sat Nam

Gabrielle Isis

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